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London’s Football Clubs and Stadiums

The Emirates - Arsenal

On Movin993, we are excited to take you on a tour of London’s vibrant football scene. The capital city of England boasts an impressive fourteen clubs in the Football League system, making it one of the most competitive football cities in the world. Let’s explore each of the grounds and the rivalries that make London football so exhilarating.

Arsenal – The Emirates Stadium (3.77 Miles to Big Ben)

The Gunners have a rich history that spans various locations. Their most recent move brought them to the Emirates Stadium, located just a short walk from their old ground, Highbury. However, it was their earlier relocation from Plumstead that ignited the famous rivalry with Tottenham Hotspur. This move sparked one of the biggest rivalries in football, which still thrives today.

While Arsenal has other local rivalries with West Ham, Fulham, and Chelsea, none compare to the intensity of the matches against Tottenham. The fierce competition between these two North London clubs has a long-standing history and is eagerly anticipated by fans each season.

Tottenham Hotspur – White Hart Lane (7.43 Miles to Big Ben)

Tottenham Hotspur, also known as Spurs, were once the kings of North London. Originally playing on Tottenham Marshes, they moved to White Hart Lane in 1899 and have called it home ever since. This iconic stadium holds a special place in the hearts of Spurs fans.

Apart from their rivalry with Arsenal, Tottenham also has connections with West Ham and Chelsea. However, their claim to North London remains unchallenged, making them the true kings of the area.

Chelsea – Stamford Bridge (3.10 Miles to Big Ben)

Stamford Bridge, home of Chelsea, has a unique history. Originally offered to Fulham, the stadium became the birthplace of Chelsea Football Club. This decision, along with their relative success compared to other London teams, has shaped their rivalry with Arsenal.

While Chelsea also has a rivalry with Tottenham, it is the Blues’ clashes with Arsenal that ignite the fiercest passions. Stamford Bridge stands as a testament to the club’s rich heritage and their status as one of London’s top teams.

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West Ham – London Stadium (5.29 Miles to Big Ben)

West Ham United, fondly known as the Hammers, has a colorful past. From their early grounds in Canning Town to their iconic home at Upton Park, West Ham has a deep connection to East London. Their move to the London Stadium, originally built for the 2012 Olympics, marked a new chapter in their history.

While West Ham has local rivalries with Tottenham, Arsenal, and Chelsea, none compare to their fierce clashes with Millwall. The proximity between the two clubs and the history of their supporters’ confrontations add an extra layer of intensity to these matches.

Crystal Palace – Selhurst Park (7.30 Miles to Big Ben)

Crystal Palace, located a little outside of Central London, has never engaged in particularly fierce rivalries with other London clubs. The team’s geographical positioning may have played a role in this, as their contemporaries were preoccupied with their own local rivalries.

Despite the absence of intense rivalries, Crystal Palace’s history and contributions to the London football scene cannot be overlooked. Selhurst Park has been their home since 1924 and holds a special place in the hearts of their loyal supporters.

Brentford – Griffin Park (7.72 Miles to Big Ben)

Brentford, a club with a modest history, has not developed any major rivalries with other London teams. Their lack of success may have contributed to this, as traditionally successful teams tend to attract more intense rivalries. However, a rivalry with nearby Fulham has seen occasional clashes marred by violence.

Despite the absence of major rivalries, Brentford’s story is an important part of London football. Griffin Park has been their home since 1904, and the club continues to compete with passion and determination.

Charlton Athletic – The Valley (7.05 Miles to Big Ben)

Charlton Athletic could have had a significant rivalry with Arsenal if the Gunners had not moved to North London. Proximity played a role in the early relationship between the clubs, but circumstances prevented a fierce rivalry from developing. Instead, Charlton shares a sometime rivalry with Crystal Palace due to a stadium-sharing agreement in the mid-1980s.

After leaving The Valley for a period, Charlton returned to their historic home in 1992. Located just a few miles from Millwall, a rivalry between the two clubs naturally emerged.

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Fulham – Craven Cottage (4.56 Miles to Big Ben)

Fulham, a club with a charming history, doesn’t seem to be particularly disliked by other London clubs. Even their closest rivals, Chelsea, don’t harbor much animosity towards them, given the differing levels of success between the two teams.

While there is some rivalry with Queens Park Rangers, Brentford, and Crystal Palace, it feels more like the younger sibling trying to provoke a reaction from their older brothers. Craven Cottage stands as a testament to Fulham’s rich heritage and the love they receive from their loyal fans.

Queens Park Rangers – Loftus Road (4.66 Miles to Big Ben)

Queens Park Rangers, located in the heart of London, finds itself in proximity to both Fulham and Chelsea. However, their frequent relocations between 1886 and 1963 prevented any major rivalries from developing based on location.

While not the most beloved club in London, a lot of the criticism towards Queens Park Rangers stems from the way the club has been managed rather than any significant location-based rivalries.

Millwall – The Den (3.33 Miles to Big Ben)

Millwall is a club that evokes strong emotions from fans and opponents alike. Their notoriety is due in part to their historic hooligan firm, which has caused trouble for other teams over the years. While a major rivalry exists between Millwall and West Ham, clashes on the pitch are infrequent due to the clubs’ different league positions.

Interestingly, Millwall lacks a fierce rivalry with Charlton, despite their close proximity. The Lions’ supporters prefer to embrace the notion that everyone hates them, which only further fuels their passion and dedication.

AFC Wimbledon – Kingsmeadow (9.40 Miles to Big Ben)

AFC Wimbledon, located near Kingston-Upon-Thames, is a relatively new club without any significant location-based rivalries. However, they do share a historical rivalry with MK Dons, the team that Wimbledon became after relocating to Milton Keynes.

There is also a bit of argy-bargy between AFC Wimbledon and Charlton and Millwall, given their shared South London roots. While still in their early years, AFC Wimbledon is building its identity and forging new connections within the London football community.

Barnet – The Hive Stadium (10.04 Miles to Big Ben)

Barnet FC, despite being one of the most northern London clubs, is not actually based in the district of Barnet. The Hive Stadium is situated in Harrow, Edgware, and Stanmore, making it a unique location for a London club.

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Lack of notable success has prevented Barnet from developing significant rivalries. A past rivalry with Enfield fizzled out after the latter ceased operations, leaving Barnet without a traditional local rival.

Dagenham & Redbridge – Victoria Road (12.65 Miles to Big Ben)

Dagenham & Redbridge, located in East London, is another club without a rich history or notable rivalries within London. Despite their geographical proximity to West Ham, the Hammers largely see Dagenham & Redbridge as a lower-tier club.

Formed in 1992 and spending most of their time in non-league football, Dagenham & Redbridge is one of London’s lesser-known clubs.

Leyton Orient – Brisbane Road (6.31 Miles to Big Ben)

Leyton Orient, known as the O’s, has a strong pedigree as one of London’s oldest football clubs. They have played in various grounds in the North-East part of the city before settling at Brisbane Road in 1937.

While rivalries exist with Brentford and Dagenham & Redbridge, Leyton Orient holds a unique position in London football. Their stadium, Brisbane Road, is even used by Tottenham Hotspur’s reserve side, showcasing the respect and camaraderie within the London football community.


  1. Which London club has the most intense rivalry?

    • Arsenal and Tottenham have the most intense rivalry in North London.
  2. Are there any rivalries between East and West London clubs?

    • Yes, West Ham and Millwall have a fiery rivalry that stems from their local connections.
  3. What is the oldest London football club?

    • Fulham FC is one of the oldest London clubs, founded in 1879.
  4. Do any London clubs share stadiums?

    • Crystal Palace allowed Charlton Athletic to share their stadium in the mid-1980s.


London’s football landscape is vibrant and diverse, with each club harboring its own unique history and rivalries. From the intense showdowns between Arsenal and Tottenham to the passionate clashes between West Ham and Millwall, London’s football culture is truly special.

Whether you’re a die-hard fan or a casual observer, experiencing a London derby is an unforgettable experience. The iconic stadiums, rich traditions, and fierce rivalries combine to create a footballing atmosphere unlike any other.

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