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Martin Odegaard’s Girlfriend: Who Is Oda Burud?

Martin Odegaard and Oda Burud

Norwegian football star Martin Odegaard has captured the media’s attention throughout his impressive career. From his early days as a prodigy at Real Madrid to becoming a key player in Arsenal’s midfield, Odegaard’s success on the field is well-known. But what about his personal life? Who is his girlfriend?

Who is Oda Burud?

Oda Burud

Oda Burud, like Odegaard, hails from Norway and has been in a long-term relationship with him. At only 22 years old, she has yet to gain the media spotlight that often accompanies footballers’ partners. Burud shares Odegaard’s passion for soccer, which has played a significant role in their strong bond. Finding common ground in interests is an essential aspect of any successful relationship, and the shared love for the sport has undoubtedly contributed to their connection.

While not much is known about Burud’s personal life and career, she is active on social media. Her Instagram page, followed by thousands, offers a glimpse into her exciting and adventurous lifestyle. Interestingly, there are only a few pictures of the couple on Burud’s Instagram, indicating her desire for a relatively low-profile existence compared to the attention-seeking behavior often associated with footballers’ partners.

Burud appears to have a tight circle of friends, as her posts often feature them in various locations around the world. Odegaard’s financial success undoubtedly contributes to their luxurious lifestyle.

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How Did They Meet?

Oda Burud and Martin Odegaard

Burud and Odegaard first met in Norway many years ago, long before Odegaard’s rise to stardom. Their enduring love proves that Burud is not with Odegaard for his fame or fortune, but rather because of their deep affection for each other. Having started dating at the tender age of 15, it is understandable that marriage is not yet on the horizon for this young couple. However, with their long-standing commitment, it will likely not be long before they take the next step in their relationship.

Are We Sure They’re Together?

Speculations have arisen due to the limited social media updates about each other from both Burud and Odegaard. Some have even questioned whether the couple is still dating, suggesting that Odegaard is now single, while Burud continues her influencer lifestyle. If this were true, it would be disheartening for both parties. However, they have managed to keep their personal lives under wraps despite the constant scrutiny faced by football players. If Odegaard is indeed single, his good looks and talent will surely attract plenty of potential suitors in no time.

Is This All Speculation?

In short, yes. Speculating about the love lives of our favorite football players is a common occurrence. While some may shy away from the limelight, being in the public eye is an inherent part of being a professional athlete. Whether Odegaard is single or still happily involved with Oda Burud, his thriving career suggests a content personal life off the field. A player’s off-pitch success is just as important as their performance on it in today’s world.

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This season, Odegaard has already scored three goals in six games for Arsenal, establishing himself as one of the Premier League’s top attacking midfielders. For those interested, he is also a valuable asset in Premier League Fantasy Football. In conclusion, while it’s essential to shed light on Odegaard’s relationship status, as long as he remains happy and healthy, so are we.


Q: How long have Martin Odegaard and Oda Burud been together?
A: Burud and Odegaard started dating when they were just 15 years old and have been in a relationship ever since.

Q: Are Martin Odegaard and Oda Burud still together?
A: Although there is limited social media activity showcasing their relationship, there is no concrete evidence suggesting they have split up.