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Most Remote Football Stadiums In The United Kingdom

Elsewhere on this site, we have explored remote stadiums around the world, uncovering fascinating locations in places where you would never expect to find a football pitch. Now, let’s shift our focus to the United Kingdom and discover the hard-to-reach football grounds that exist closer to home.

Remote Stadiums in Britain

When discussing remote locations in the UK, it’s important to clarify that remoteness refers to the geographical location of the stadiums rather than the difficulty in accessing them. For instance, a football ground on the Isle of Man may be challenging to reach, but it may not be considered remote once you arrive.

In this article, we will highlight some unique football stadiums in the UK, focusing on those that have fixed structures for supporters to watch matches from, ensuring a more comfortable experience for fans, even in inclement weather. While these venues may not boast the same grandeur as Anfield or Wembley Stadium, they offer their own charm and character.

Morrison Park

Let’s start with Halkirk United’s home ground, Morrison Park. While this Scottish club may not be widely known, their stadium makes our list due to its remote location. Situated almost at the tip of the UK, Morrison Park requires a journey, but it accommodates up to 1,000 supporters. Despite its modest size, the stadium possesses a unique charm that adds to the overall experience.

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Eriskay FC’s Pitch

Although we initially intended to focus on stadiums with permanent structures, Eriskay FC’s pitch deserves a mention. Recognized by FIFA as one of the most remarkable places in the world to play football, this pitch is located on the Outer Hebrides. Surrounded by the sea, an overhit clearance might send the ball into the water. While fog occasionally poses visibility challenges, the spectacular setting of the pitch compensates for any difficulties.

The Emirates Stadium

While not being truly remote, the Emirates Stadium secures a spot on our list due to its distance from Arsenal’s original home in Woolwich. Located approximately 10.6 miles away, the stadium boasts excellent accessibility via the London Underground. This inclusion serves to emphasize that remoteness is not solely determined by the ease of reaching a destination but rather by other arbitrary criteria we have set for ourselves.

St. James’ Park

Newcastle supporters undoubtedly face one of the longest journeys to watch their team play in the top two divisions of English football. Traveling just under 14,000 kilometers, the Newcastle fans’ commitment is commendable. Comparatively, Swansea City fans must travel just over 13,000 kilometers, while Plymouth Argyle fans face the most arduous task, covering a staggering 18,165 kilometers to attend all their team’s matches. This highlights the dedication and challenges faced by Newcastle fans, both on and off the pitch.


If you happen to be a fan of Peterhead Football Club, a trip to Balmoor Stadium might require quite the effort. Located about 30 miles from the nearest train station, this stadium sits at the back of the figurative head when envisioning the UK as a crouching person. Despite its remote positioning, Balmoor Stadium can accommodate over 3,000 spectators. Its facilities were of such quality that Peterhead earned promotion to the Scottish Football League just three years after the stadium’s opening. While it may be remote, Balmoor proves that being distant from city centers does not equate to a lack of amenities.

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  1. Are these remote stadiums accessible for all fans?

    • Yes, despite their remote locations, these stadiums are equipped to handle supporters and ensure a comfortable matchday experience.
  2. Can I find transportation options to reach these remote stadiums?

    • Yes, various transportation methods such as trains, buses, and driving routes are available to help fans reach these stadiums, although some may require more planning than others.
  3. Are there any other remote stadiums worth mentioning in the UK?

    • While the stadiums mentioned in this article highlight some of the most remote locations, there are other unique stadiums worthy of exploration. Check out the Movin993 website here for more fascinating content.


These remote football stadiums in the United Kingdom offer a distinct matchday experience for fans who are willing to venture off the beaten path. From the northern reaches of Scotland to the shores of the Outer Hebrides, these stadiums are a testament to the passion and dedication of football supporters. While not easily accessible, they provide an opportunity to witness breathtaking views and enjoy the beautiful game in extraordinary settings. So, if you’re up for an adventure, why not visit one of these remote stadiums and create memories that will last a lifetime?