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National League: A Closer Look at the Stadiums and Stats

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The National League, formerly known as the Football Conference, is the pinnacle of English football outside the top four leagues. In this article, we’ll delve into the stadiums, team stats, and ticket prices of this exciting league. Let’s explore the essence of the National League!

Stadium Stats

Team Stats

Ticket Prices

National League Stadiums

Dagenham and Redbridge Victoria Road Stadium
Image: David Ingham from Lancashire, England, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

In the National League, you’ll find a mix of stadiums, ranging from basic to more grandiose grounds. While most stadiums lean towards simplicity due to limited finances, some larger clubs with greater support have found themselves in this league. These clubs often invest in their facilities, ensuring a more comfortable experience for fans.

Though most National League teams are fully professional, not all of them have vast financial resources to splurge on their stadiums. Thus, you can expect to encounter grounds with terraced sections and limited seating. While you might find a food truck or a place to grab a pint, don’t expect the luxurious facilities you’d find in the Premier League or Championship stadiums.

About The League

Shrewsbury Town Football Club
Image: Peter Evans / Shrewsbury Town Football Club

The National League System caters to teams that fall outside the Football League and Premier League. While the top four leagues are known as “The 92”, the National League serves as a stepping stone for clubs striving to reach the higher echelons. The league consists of 24 clubs competing for promotion to League Two or facing relegation to either the National League North or the National League South, depending on their geographical location.

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With 22 clubs in each regional league and 24 clubs in the National League, promotion and relegation provide excitement. The National League champions secure automatic promotion to League Two, while the four teams below them enter the playoffs.

National League History

Barnet FC
Image: Geograph / David Howard

The National League has a rich history, having transitioned through various names and sponsorships. Originally known as ‘The Alliance Premier Football League’ in 1979, it became the ‘Football Conference’ in 1986. In 2015, it was rebranded as the ‘Vanarama National League’ and later changed to ‘Motorama National League’ in 2020.

Until 2004, the National League consisted of a single division. It then became the Conference National, with the introduction of the Conference North and Conference South as the second tier. Over the years, teams like Carlisle United, Oxford United, Luton Town, and Grimsby Town have experienced success in both the National League and the Football League.

It’s worth mentioning that promotion to the Football League wasn’t always guaranteed for National League winners. Before 1987, clubs needed to be elected by existing members of the Football League. However, since then, promotion and relegation processes have been in place, ensuring fair play and providing aspiring teams with an opportunity to rise.


(Frequently Asked Questions)

  1. Q: Is the National League considered part of the Football League?

    • A: No, the National League operates outside the Football League and serves as a gateway for clubs aspiring to reach the elite leagues.
  2. Q: How many clubs compete in the National League?

    • A: The National League consists of 24 clubs, each vying for promotion or battling against relegation.
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The National League offers a unique and exciting football experience with its diverse range of stadiums, passionate teams, and competitive matches. While it may not have the lavishness of the Premier League or Championship, it embraces the essence of grassroots football and allows clubs to chase their dreams of reaching the top.

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