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New York Stadium: Rotherham United

Rotherham United, known as The Millers, have a rich history that dates back to 1925 when Rotherham Town and Rotherham County merged to form a new club. Over the years, they have achieved notable success, including reaching the League Cup final in 1961 and securing back-to-back promotions in 1999-2001 and 2012-2014. Today, they call the New York Stadium their home.

A Stadium with a Unique Name and History

The New York Stadium holds a special place in the hearts of Rotherham United fans. Formerly located at Millmoor, the club faced a dispute over the ground’s ownership, leading to their move in 2008. During the construction of their new home, the stadium was temporarily housed at Sheffield’s Don Valley Stadium. After considering various names, the club settled on New York Stadium, inspired by the land it was built upon and the hope of attracting investment from America.

Stadium Stats and Facts

  • Year Opened: 2012
  • Capacity: 12,021
  • Average Attendance: 10,522
  • Record Attendance: 11,758 (Rotherham v Sheffield Utd, 2013)
  • Pitch Size: 102 x 66 (6,732 sq yd)
  • Owned by: Rotherham United F.C.
  • Club Mascot: Miller Bear
  • Rivals: Sheffield Wednesday, Sheffield United, Doncaster Rovers, Mansfield Town
  • Kit: Red & White (Home), Black & Grey (Away), Lilac & White (Third)
  • Training Ground: Roundwood Sports Complex

New York Stadium Facilities and Seating Plan

The New York Stadium features a unique bowl-style design with four distinct stands. Each stand has a name based on sponsorship. The Eric Twigg Pukka Pies Stand is where the players’ tunnel is located, while the Ben Bennett Stand is dedicated to families. The Mears Stand sits opposite the Kop and is designated for away fans. The KCM Recycling Stand, the main Kop stand, can accommodate around 2,000 fans.

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Ticket Prices and How to Get Rotherham United Tickets

Rotherham United offers a straightforward ticket pricing scheme categorized as Platinum and Non-Platinum. Prices vary based on age and seating location, with a £2 increase for on-the-day purchases. Tickets can be purchased through the club’s official website, by phone, at the ticket office, or at the Red & White Shop.

Getting to New York Stadium

Getting to New York Stadium is convenient, with various transportation options available:

  • Train: Rotherham Central Railway Station is a short walk from the stadium.
  • Bus: The main bus exchange in Rotherham is near the stadium.
  • Car: Easily accessible from the M1 motorway.
  • Air: Robin Hood Doncaster-Sheffield Airport is the closest airport to Rotherham.

Parking Near New York Stadium

While there is no parking available for away fans at the stadium, there are several private car parks nearby, including pay and display places and NCP car parks in the town center.

Hotels Near New York Stadium

Rotherham offers a range of hotel options, with its rural surroundings and proximity to Sheffield providing additional choices for accommodation.

Pubs and Bars Near New York Stadium

Rotherham and nearby Sheffield boast a variety of pubs and bars, catering to different tastes and preferences.

Stadium Facilities and Hospitality

The New York Stadium, built in 2012, offers modern and well-maintained facilities. There are plenty of food and drink options available, and the stadium provides clear and unobstructed views from all seats. Hospitality packages are also available, offering different experiences and amenities for fans.

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Stadium Tours and Museum

While information about stadium tours is currently unclear, the club has previously offered tours that include visits to the tunnel, dressing rooms, pitchside, and press areas. If you’re interested in a tour, it’s best to contact the club for details. There is no museum at the New York Stadium, but local Rotherham museums occasionally display club memorabilia.

About Rotherham United

With a history dating back to 1925, Rotherham United has experienced success in lower league football. They have won the third and fourth tiers of English football, finishing as runners-up in each. The club has also made significant progress in cup competitions, reaching the fifth round of the FA Cup on two occasions and winning the Football League Trophy in 1996.

New York Stadium History and Future Developments

Built on the grounds of The Guest and Chrimes Foundry, the New York Stadium opened its doors in 2012. With a capacity of just over 12,000, the stadium offers a fantastic matchday experience for fans. While there is potential for expansion in the future, any such plans would likely depend on Rotherham United’s success and potential promotion to higher divisions.

  • Can I purchase Rotherham United tickets online?
    Yes, you can purchase tickets on the club’s official website, by phone, at the ticket office, or at the Red & White Shop.

  • How do I get to New York Stadium?
    Rotherham Central Railway Station is a short walk from the stadium, and the main bus exchange is also nearby. If traveling by car, there are clear signs to guide you to the town center and the stadium.

  • Are there parking facilities near New York Stadium?
    While away fans do not have parking at the stadium, there are private car parks located near the ground, including pay and display places and NCP car parks in the town center.

  • Are there stadium tours available at New York Stadium?
    While it is uncertain whether stadium tours are currently offered, the club has previously provided tours that take visitors behind the scenes of the stadium. It’s recommended to contact the club for the latest information.

  • Is there a museum at New York Stadium?
    No, there is no museum at the New York Stadium. However, local Rotherham museums may occasionally display club memorabilia.

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New York Stadium is a modern and vibrant home for Rotherham United. The stadium offers excellent facilities, great views of the pitch, and a memorable matchday experience. Whether you’re a loyal fan or a visitor to Rotherham, watching a game at the New York Stadium is an experience you won’t want to miss. Visit Movin993 for more information about Rotherham United and the New York Stadium.