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Nottingham Football Clubs and Stadiums

Meadow Lane & City Ground From Above

Are you aware of the fascinating fact that Nottingham, a city with a population of less than one million and only two noteworthy football clubs, has won the European Cup one time more than the likes of Tottenham, Arsenal, and Chelsea in London? It’s quite mind-blowing, isn’t it? Nottingham is home to two football clubs, Nottingham Forest and Notts County, both located in close proximity to each other. Surprisingly, the rivalry between these two clubs is not as strong or noteworthy as you might expect. In fact, the dislike between Nottingham Forest and Derby County or Leicester City is much more intense.

Football Stadiums in Nottingham

Nottingham Forest – City Ground (1.32 Miles to Theatre Royal Concert Hall)

City Ground

Nottingham Forest, established in 1865, has a rich history in football. They were one of the founding members of both the Football Alliance in 1889 and the Football League three years later. Despite their early success, winning the FA Cup in 1898 and the top-flight championship in 1978 under the management of Brian Clough, they haven’t achieved the same level of success in recent years. The rivalry between Nottingham Forest and Notts County is not as fierce, mainly because the two clubs have been in different divisions since 1995. However, a strong rivalry exists between Nottingham Forest and Derby County due to the shared loyalty of Brian Clough, who managed both teams. Similarly, Nottingham Forest has a rivalry with another East Midlands side, Leicester City.

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Notts County – Meadow Lane (1.02 Miles to Theatre Royal Concert Hall)

Meadow Lane

Notts County Football Club, despite spending thirty years in the top-flight of the Football League system, is known for its frequent changes in division. They have gained promotion thirteen times and suffered relegation sixteen times, more than any other club. Although there is not much of a rivalry between Notts County and Nottingham Forest due to their differing levels of success and infrequent matchups, Notts County has developed rivalries with nearby Mansfield Town, Derby County, Leicester City, Lincoln City, and Chesterfield.

Fun fact: Notts County’s original kit was amber and black before they changed to black and white stripes in 1890. Interestingly, Italian club Juventus switched to black and white stripes after receiving a shipment of Notts County shirts, which were sent by a Nottingham resident who was a Notts County supporter.