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Oldest Football Clubs

Notts County Est 1862
Image: Notts County Est 1862 – By Wikipedia (Wikipedia) [CC BY-SA 4.0], via Wikimedia Commons

If football hadn’t become an organized sport, it would just be twenty-two men kicking a pig’s bladder around in a field. However, it not only became organized but also became arguably the biggest sport in the world, watched by millions on an almost daily basis. It is now a multi-billion pound industry played throughout the world.

The Birth of Football Clubs

We’ve already explored the country’s most successful clubs, the first-ever games and goals scored, and the oldest stadiums. But, which teams were the first to recognize the potential of football as a spectator sport? Let’s take a look.

The Oldest Football Clubs in the World

Below is a list of the oldest football teams in the world:

  1. Sheffield FC – Formed in 1857
  2. Hallam FC – Formed in 1860

While these clubs currently play in lower leagues, they were instrumental in the formation of football as we know it today. Sheffield FC, in particular, played a crucial role in shaping the rules of the game. Many of these rules were eventually adopted by the Football Association (FA).

The Oldest Clubs in England

Here’s a closer look at the eleven oldest football clubs in England that are still in existence today. Please note that they are not listed in a specific order as many of them were formed in the same year:

  • Club 1
  • Club 2
  • Club 3
  • Club 4
  • Club 5
  • Club 6
  • Club 7
  • Club 8
  • Club 9
  • Club 10
  • Club 11
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The Legacy of Forgotten Clubs

Throughout football’s history, several clubs have come and gone. Teams have faced financial troubles or relocated to different areas, like when Wimbledon Football Club became MK Dons. While some clubs are no longer in existence, they still played a significant role in the development of football.

For example, The Foot-Ball Club from Edinburgh existed from 1824-1841 and is considered one of the earliest football clubs. The club’s rules forbid tripping but allowed players to hold or pick up the ball, leading to debates about its status as a football club. Other clubs like The Great Leicestershire Cricket and Football Club (1840) and The Surrey Football Club (1849) contributed to the development of the game.

The Everlasting Love for Football

Football clubs may come and go, but the passion of its supporters ensures that the sport continues to thrive. Even in the face of adversity, new clubs emerge, carrying on the legacy of those that have disappeared. Some clubs have withstood the test of time, surviving two World Wars and other challenges.

Movin993 understands the rich history and traditions of football. Our mission is to inform and entertain football enthusiasts with articles that celebrate the game’s heritage. If you’re interested in learning more about football’s early days, founding members, or the history of the sport, we have a variety of articles for you to explore!


  1. Are Sheffield FC and Hallam FC still active today?
  • Yes, both Sheffield FC and Hallam FC are still active and continue to play football.
  1. How many football clubs are there in England?
  • There are numerous football clubs in England, ranging from professional teams to amateur and grassroots clubs. The number is continually changing as new clubs are formed.
  1. Which football club has the most trophies?
  • The football club with the most trophies in England is currently Manchester United, with numerous Premier League titles and UEFA Champions League victories.
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Football clubs have played a vital role in shaping the beautiful game we know today. From the early pioneers who laid the foundation to the modern-day clubs captivating fans worldwide, the legacy of football is rich and ever-evolving. At Movin993, we are dedicated to sharing the stories and history of these remarkable clubs. Join us in celebrating the passion, dedication, and joy that football brings to billions of fans across the globe.

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