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Parken Stadium: FC Copenhagen / Denmark

Parken Stadium, also known as Parken, is a renowned football stadium located in Copenhagen, Denmark. The stadium was officially opened in 1992, coinciding with the formation of FC Copenhagen. Over the years, Parken has become known for its advanced technological features and its role as the home stadium for both FC Copenhagen and the Denmark national football team.

A Technologically Advanced Venue

Parken Stadium boasts advanced technological features that have made it one of the most modern stadiums in Denmark. In the past, the stadium was named Telia Parken due to a partnership between the stadium owners and Telia, a Danish communications company. As part of the agreement, Telia provided high-speed Wi-Fi to all spectators attending events at the stadium for a period of seven years. This not only generated revenue for the club but also enhanced the overall spectator experience. The Telia deal ended in 2020, but Parken Stadium continues to offer a technologically advanced environment for fans.

The Home of FC Copenhagen and the Denmark National Team

In addition to hosting FC Copenhagen’s matches, Parken Stadium is also the chosen venue for the Denmark national football team. The stadium underwent extensive renovations, with the promise that all Danish national matches would be played at Parken for fifteen years. FC Copenhagen’s parent company, Parken Sport & Entertainment, purchased the stadium from the renovating company in 1998. Today, Parken Sport & Entertainment owns both the team and the ground, solidifying its position as a key player in Danish football.

Stadium Specifications

  • Year Opened: 1992
  • Capacity: 38,065
  • Average Attendance: 14,523
  • Record Attendance: 42,083 (Denmark vs. Sweden, 2007)
  • Pitch Size: 105 x 68 meters
  • Former Name: Parken
  • Owner: Parken Sport & Entertainment
  • Clubs Hosted: Denmark national football team, FC Copenhagen

Parken Stadium: A Visual Journey

Parken Stadium

Parken Stadium: Seating Plan and Stand Details

Parken Stadium features a classic ‘English Style’ design, with stands positioned on each side of the pitch. Here is a breakdown of each stand:

  • The North Stand: This stand offers limited seating due to the presence of hospitality boxes on the second tier. The lower tier is split between the away section and the family stand.
  • The East Stand: Considered the stadium’s main stand, the East Stand runs alongside the pitch and houses the dugouts, player tunnels, and other facilities. It consists of two tiers, with the upper tier closed during low-attendance matches.
  • The South Stand: Known as the ‘fan zone,’ this two-tier section is located behind one of the goals. Only supporters over the age of fifteen are allowed in this vibrant and lively area.
  • The West Stand: Similar to the East Stand in design, the West Stand features two tiers of seating separated by corporate boxes.
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Ticket Prices and How to Get Them

Ticket prices for Denmark international matches held at Parken Stadium are determined by the governing bodies of the respective competitions. Prices can vary depending on the tournament. For European Championship qualifiers, UEFA sets the ticket prices, while FIFA decides for World Cup qualifiers. It is advisable to stay informed and check the specific matches to know the expected ticket costs.

To purchase Denmark international match tickets, the official channels of the respective governing bodies should be consulted. UEFA handles ticket sales for European Championship games, FIFA deals with World Cup tickets, and the Danish Football Association manages friendly match tickets. Interested fans should reach out to the relevant organizing body to obtain tickets.

For FC Copenhagen matches, tickets can easily be purchased through the club’s official website. The website provides detailed information on seating options and prices. Fans who prefer alternative methods can contact the club directly or purchase tickets at the stadium on match day. However, it is recommended to buy tickets in advance online to secure availability and avoid additional fees.

Getting to Parken Stadium

Copenhagen, being the capital of Denmark, offers various transportation options for visitors. Here are some common routes to reach the city and the stadium:

  • Train: Traveling by train from London St. Pancras International to Copenhagen takes approximately fourteen to twenty hours, with several stops along the way. The journey includes stops in Brussels, Dortmund via Köln, and Hamburg before reaching Copenhagen. From Copenhagen, a train ride to Nordhavn Station will get you within a twenty-minute walk of the stadium.
  • Bus: Parken Stadium is accessible by bus, with bus stops near the stadium served by the numbers 14 and 95N.
  • Car: Driving in Copenhagen city center, take the Bernstorffsgade towards Tietgensgade, then head to Stormgade. Proceed to Vindebrogade and drive towards Holmens Bro in København K. Continue on to O2 to Trianglen in København Ø. Finally, take Øster Allé, and you’ll arrive at the stadium. Look for signs to guide you along the way.
  • By Air: Copenhagen Airport is the recommended airport for those traveling to Copenhagen. The airport is conveniently located only 8 km from the city center and offers excellent transport links.
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For visitors closer to the stadium, a taxi ride from Copenhagen Train Station to Parken Stadium takes approximately fifteen minutes and costs around 150 Danish kroner.

Parking Near Parken Stadium

On match days, parking near the stadium can be limited. While there is a car park at the ground reserved for VIP pass holders, access to nearby roads may be restricted. Visitors are advised to explore parking options in the city center and consider walking or utilizing public transportation to reach the stadium.


Q: Where can I find available parking near Parken Stadium?

A: You can find available parking options near Parken Stadium by clicking here.

Parken Stadium Hotels

Copenhagen, as the capital of Denmark, offers a range of hotels to accommodate visitors. Keep in mind that Copenhagen is known for its higher accommodation costs. Here are some recommended hotels in the area:



Pubs and Bars Near Parken Stadium

Enjoying a pre-match pint is a common tradition for football fans. In central Copenhagen, bars sponsored by Carlsberg, FC Copenhagen’s main sponsor, offer an authentic experience. Here are some bars to consider:

[BAR 1]

[BAR 2]

Facilities and Hospitality

Parken Stadium underwent significant renovations in 2009, resulting in modern and functional facilities. The stadium’s Wi-Fi coverage ensures that spectators can stay connected throughout their visit. Though Parken Stadium prioritizes functionality over luxury, it provides an enjoyable experience for fans.

In terms of hospitality, Parken Stadium offers two main sections of seating. The northern end of the ground features hospitality boxes and lounges that offer a panoramic view of the pitch. Additionally, hospitality boxes separate the two tiers of seating in the Eastern and Western stands. The choice of hospitality seating depends on individual preferences and desired match day experiences.

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Private hire options are also available for non-match day events at Parken Stadium. Those interested in utilizing the stadium’s facilities for conferences, meetings, or presentations are encouraged to contact the club directly for more information.

Stadium Tours & Museum

Parken Stadium offers limited tours during school holidays, and visitors can also arrange tours by contacting [email protected]. The cost and availability of tours can be obtained through direct communication. At present, there is no dedicated museum at the stadium.

About Denmark

Denmark has a rich football history, with successes both on the international stage and domestically. Though they had initially struggled to qualify for major tournaments, Denmark’s breakthrough came in 1992 when they won the European Championships by defeating the Netherlands and Germany en route to the title. The national team has also performed well in other competitions, reaching the quarter-finals of the FIFA World Cup in 1998.

About FC Copenhagen

FC Copenhagen, formed in 1992, is a relatively young club. It was the result of a merger between Kjøbenhavns Boldklub and Boldklubben 1903, two successful clubs in Danish football history. Since its formation, FC Copenhagen has become one of Denmark’s most successful clubs, winning the Danish Football Championship 13 times and the Danish Cup 8 times. The team is known as “Byens Hold” (The Team of the City) and shares a fierce rivalry with Brøndby IF.

Parken Stadium History

Parken Stadium was constructed on the site of the former national stadium, Idrætsparken, between 1990 and 1992. The renovation cost approximately €85 million and involved rebuilding three out of four original stands. Parken Stadium holds a four-star rating from UEFA, making it ineligible to host a European Cup final but capable of hosting the Cup Winners’ Cup final. In 2009, the stadium underwent further renovations and will be one of the venues for the 2020 European Championships.

The stadium has a seating capacity of 38,065 for football matches. Parken Stadium is not solely limited to sporting events; it has also hosted concerts and other performances by renowned artists such as Michael Jackson, Coldplay, AC/DC, and more.

Future Developments

Given that FC Copenhagen rarely sells out their games, significant changes to Parken Stadium are unlikely in the near future. The stadium will continue to provide a memorable experience for fans attending matches or other events.