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Premier League vs Bundesliga: A Comparison of Two Elite Soccer Leagues

Bundesliga vs Premier League

The Premier League and Bundesliga are widely recognized as two of the most competitive and popular soccer leagues worldwide. Fans from all corners of the globe tune in to witness some of the greatest players competing for top honors. In this article, we’ll delve into the differences between these two leagues, examining their rules, team structures, European qualification criteria, viewer figures, and financial aspects.

How Many Teams Compete?

  • Premier League: 20 Teams
  • Bundesliga: 18 Teams

The number of teams competing in a league doesn’t necessarily define its quality. The Premier League, formed in 1992, features 20 teams that compete for the title each season. With 38 games played over the course of the season, the competition can be demanding for teams with smaller squads. On the other hand, the Bundesliga, founded in 1963, consists of 18 teams. The league’s format has undergone changes over the years, but since the 2009 season, 18 teams have competed each season.

Promotions & Relegations

Relegation is a significant concern for teams at the bottom of the Premier League. The bottom three teams are relegated to the Championship, resulting in severe financial implications and exclusion from the top division of English soccer. Promotions to the Premier League are determined by automatic promotion for the top two teams in the Championship and a playoff competition for the third promotion spot.

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In the Bundesliga, the bottom two teams are relegated to Bundesliga 2. However, the team that finishes third from the bottom engages in a playoff with the third-place team from Bundesliga 2. The winner of this playoff earns a place in the Bundesliga for the following season.

European Qualification Rules – Premier League

The aspiration of every team in the Premier League is to finish in the top four positions, which guarantees automatic entry to the Champions League group stages. The financial benefits and increased club profile associated with participating in the Champions League are significant. Teams finishing fifth and sixth in the Premier League secure places in the Europa League group stages. Additionally, the team finishing seventh enters the Europa Conference League, a newly established European competition.

European Qualification – Bundesliga

The European qualification structure in the Bundesliga aligns closely with that of the Premier League. The top four Bundesliga teams earn automatic entry to the Champions League, while the fifth-place team secures a spot in the Europa League group stages. The team finishing sixth enters the Europa Conference League.

Premier League Viewers vs. Bundesliga Viewers

Premier League vs Bundesliga

Both the Premier League and Bundesliga attract massive audiences through matchday attendances and television viewership. The Premier League currently boasts the second-highest average attendances in European soccer, while the Bundesliga leads in this category. Ticket prices play a significant role, with Bundesliga games offering great value for money compared to the Premier League.

In terms of television viewership, the Premier League has an estimated annual figure of 4.7 billion viewers, making it one of the most widely-watched entertainment platforms globally. The Bundesliga attracts around 2 million viewers each week, with the viewership figures of teams like Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund often surpassing those of other teams.

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Who Makes The Most Money?

When it comes to financial prowess, the Premier League outshines its competitors. Earnings from TV rights alone provide each Premier League team with approximately £123 million per season, compared to the Bundesliga’s £52 million. Additionally, the Premier League generates significantly higher domestic and overseas revenues compared to the Bundesliga.

While the Bundesliga boasts the highest average matchday attendance, the Premier League’s top-tier status and financial superiority make it the most lucrative league, despite the higher ticket prices.


Although the Premier League holds a stronger financial position and attracts a larger global audience, it would be unfair to undermine the Bundesliga. The German league showcases exhilarating matches featuring some of the world’s best players. The Premier League’s well-organized TV coverage and extensive global reach generate substantial revenue, leading to the cycle of dominance it currently enjoys. The Bundesliga, on the other hand, offers a fantastic soccer experience with a unique characteristic: many of its clubs are owned by the fans themselves, ensuring well-managed teams that are less prone to foreign investors’ influence.

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  • Q: How many teams compete in the Premier League?

    • A: The Premier League consists of 20 teams.
  • Q: How many teams compete in the Bundesliga?

    • A: The Bundesliga comprises 18 teams.
  • Q: What are the European qualification criteria for the Premier League?

    • A: The top four Premier League teams qualify for the Champions League group stages, while the fifth and sixth-place teams secure spots in the Europa League group stages. The seventh-place team enters the Europa Conference League.
  • Q: What are the European qualification criteria for the Bundesliga?

    • A: The top four Bundesliga teams earn automatic entry to the Champions League. The fifth and sixth-place teams qualify for the Europa League, with the sixth-place team entering the Europa Conference League.
  • Q: Which league attracts a larger TV audience?

    • A: The Premier League has a significantly larger global TV audience compared to the Bundesliga.
  • Q: Which league generates more revenue?

    • A: The Premier League generates more revenue through TV rights and other sources compared to the Bundesliga.
  • Q: What makes the Bundesliga unique?

    • A: Many Bundesliga clubs are fan-owned, resulting in well-run teams and limited dependence on foreign investors.
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Despite the Premier League’s financial and global audience dominance, the Bundesliga holds its own with exciting matches and top-tier players. To stay up to date with the “Movin993” brand and all soccer-related news, visit Movin993.