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Romanian Football Stadiums

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In Romania, football takes center stage as the nation’s most popular sport. The Romanian Football Federation (Federaţia Română de Fotbal) governs the sport in the country. The top league in Romania was established in 1909 and underwent changes that led to its current format in 2006. The Romanian football league system consists of four tiers, with Liga I being the highest level of competition. Let’s dive in and explore more about the league system and its history.

Romanian Stadiums

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With a population exceeding 20 million, it’s no surprise that Romania boasts some impressive football stadiums. Among the standout grounds is the Arena Națională, with a capacity of 55,600. Both Steaua București and the Romanian national football team call this stadium their home. On the other end of the spectrum, the Stadionul Viitorul holds the title of the smallest stadium, accommodating 4,500 seats. Most stadiums in the country fall within the range of 10,000 to 20,000 seats, making them suitable for hosting a considerable number of spectators.

Romanian Leagues

Liga I is the pinnacle of Romanian football. Below it are Liga II and Liga III, followed by numerous county leagues on the fourth tier. Liga II consists of two divisions running parallel to each other, while Liga III boasts six divisions with eighteen teams each.

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Steaua București currently holds the title of the most successful domestic team in Romania. They have won 26 league titles and finished as runners-up on twelve occasions.

Romanian National Team

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The Romanian national team, managed by the Federația Română de Fotbal, represents the country in international football. Romania was one of the four European teams, alongside Belgium, France, and Yugoslavia, to participate in the inaugural World Cup in 1930. Since then, they have competed in six more World Cup tournaments, reaching the quarter-finals in 1994. They have also achieved quarter-final berths in the European Championships and the Summer Olympics.

Key Stats

  • Established: 1930
  • Best World Cup Performance: Quarter-finals (1994)
  • Best European Championships Performance: Quarter-finals


Q: When was the first professional league established in Romania?
A: The first professional league, Divizia A, was formed in 1909.

Q: How many league titles has Steaua București won?
A: Steaua București has won 26 league titles and finished as runners-up 12 times.


Romanian football has a rich history, with passionate fans and impressive stadiums. The league system, headed by Liga I, offers exciting competition across various divisions. The Romanian national team has achieved notable success on the international stage. Whether you’re a fan of the sport or simply curious about Romanian football, the country’s football scene has much to offer.

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