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Scottish League One Stadiums & Stats

The Scottish League One is an exciting and competitive third-tier in the Scottish Professional Football League pyramid. With its current format and branding since 2013, it has a rich history that dates back to the mid-1970s. In this article, we will explore the fascinating journey of the league, the types of stadiums used by League One teams, and the structure of the league itself.

The History of Scottish League One

The Scottish League One has evolved over the years, starting from the creation of the Scottish football league system in 1890. Back then, it consisted of Division One and Division Two, with clubs being promoted and relegated between them at the end of each season. In 1975, the league underwent an overhaul, resulting in the Premier Division and First Division, along with the addition of a Second Division.

In 1997, the Premier Division broke away to form the Scottish Premier League, bringing significant changes to the landscape of Scottish football. However, in 2013, the SPL and the SFL decided to reunite and create the Scottish Professional Football League, with the Second Division becoming the Scottish League One that we know today.

The Scottish League One Structure

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The Scottish League One comprises ten teams that compete against each other four times, both home and away. The team that finishes at the top earns promotion to the Scottish Championship, while the bottom team faces relegation to the Scottish League Two.

The excitement doesn’t end there. The teams that finish second, third, and fourth enter a playoff system with the ninth-placed team from the Scottish Championship. The winner of the playoff either earns promotion or secures their place in the Scottish second-tier for the following season.

Scottish League One Stadiums

Contrary to popular belief, Scottish football is fiercely competitive. While Celtic and Rangers dominate the Premiership, the lower positions and leagues witness a constant state of flux. Therefore, the Scottish League One showcases a diverse mix of stadiums.

These stadiums vary in capacity, with most holding below 5,000 spectators. From quaint venues with more terraces than seating to larger establishments like Hampden Park, where clubs like Queens Park often compete, there’s something for everyone. Depending on the teams involved, you could witness matches in grounds accommodating just over 1,000 people or stadiums with a capacity exceeding 50,000.

Rangers Fans Queue
Taken by Tom Brogan / Flickr


Q: How long has the Scottish League One been running in its current format?
A: The Scottish League One has been running in its current format since 2013.

Q: Which team holds the record for finishing top of the league after starting from the bottom rung?
A: Rangers accomplished this feat after insolvency saw them starting over on the bottom rung of the ladder.

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Q: How many teams have had the opportunity to finish top of the Scottish League One?
A: Since its format change in 2013, only a small number of teams have had the chance to finish top of the league.


The Scottish League One offers thrilling football action in Scotland. With its rich history, diverse stadiums, and competitive structure, it attracts fans from all over. Whether you’re a devoted supporter or a curious spectator, experiencing a match in the Scottish League One is a must for any football enthusiast.

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