Hot Wings

Hot Wings is the other founding member of the show and is from Lake Orion, Michigan which, for reasons unknown, is pronounced Or-ee-un instead of Oh-RI-un, like the constellation. Hot Wings, who is also known as “Mayor of Awesometown” and “Minista of Flava”, loves muscle cars and hates liberals. He writes daily commentaries about politics and pop culture called “What Hot Wings Thinks” that will likely reference one or both of those things. He is also oddly and prematurely knowledgeable about trees…a skill he picked up from his father who wears black socks and dress shoes with shorts and has a tendency to singe his hair around gas
grills. Hot Wings is married to Kerri and currently has one dog, one cat and a kid on the way which was achieved through 6 rounds of IVF and cost him so much money, he will either love the child twice as much as a normal father or resent him/her from the get-go for unknowingly preventing him from finishing his basement.Hot Wings