Producer Joe

Producer Joe joined the show as a full-time, paid member in 2005 after working for free for several months and living in a glorified squat house with a community bathroom. Initially, Producer Joe was nearly inept, but The Show kept him around because he worked so cheap and was entertaining to watch as he gained and lost weight, earning him the nickname “Joprah”. He his also occasionally known as “Donkey Teeth” because of his giant, donkey-like front teeth. Now, Producer Joe is an invaluable and permanent part of the team. Though a lot of what he does takes place behind the scenes and after the show, you will hear him pop up on air from time to time when he thinks of inappropriate things to add to the conversation. He is featured in the weekly segment “What Can Joe Do” where he is asked to spin a wheel with twelve stunts and complete the stunt that comes up. He is an avid rock climber, cyclist, runner, and reader. Favorite quote: See what Joe can do for you?
STEVE AssociateProducer Joe