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Soccer Field vs Football Field: A Size Comparison

Soccer Field vs Football Field

Soccer and football players have been sharing playing surfaces for a long time, leading to a bit of a rivalry between the two sports. While they are not the exact same size, most football fields can co-exist with soccer fields with some adjustments in between games. In this article, we will explore the size differences between soccer and football fields and how these two sports continue to coexist.

Soccer Field

Soccer Field

At the professional level, soccer fields need to be between 110-120 yards long and 70-80 yards wide. However, at lower levels, there is more flexibility in the field dimensions. According to FIFA, soccer fields can be as small as 50 yards wide by 100 yards long or as large as 100 yards wide by 130 yards long.

Soccer fields have fewer lines compared to football fields. The outer lines show the touchlines and goal lines, and there are corner flags in all four corners to identify the boundaries. Other than that, there is a middle line that cuts the field in half to indicate the sides of the pitch for the two teams.

Near the goal, there is an 18-yard box, which is 18 yards beyond each goal post. The entire penalty area is 44 yards wide by 18 yards long. The field also has markings such as the penalty mark located 12 yards from the center of the goal, where penalty kickers take their shots. There is also a penalty arc, a 10-yard circle around the penalty mark, indicating the distance other players can be from the kicker during a penalty kick.

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Overall, soccer fields have fewer lines and a cleaner appearance, making it less cluttered and easier to focus on the game.

Football Field

Football Field

Football field measurements are more precise at every level. For high school, college, and NFL games, the field is 100 yards long between the goal lines and 160 feet wide. There are two end zones on each goal line that are an additional 10 yards long.

Football fields have yard lines marked in 10-yard intervals, making it easier to determine distances. Hash marks are also present on the sidelines and in the middle, indicating the widest distance a play can start from the line of scrimmage. Hashmark differences can help distinguish whether the field is designed for high school, college, or NFL, with different distances between the marks.

Youth Field Sizes

Youth soccer and football fields are significantly smaller than those played at the highest levels. While there is no standard size for these fields, they take up much less room overall. Here is a breakdown of the dimensions for youth soccer and football fields:

  • Youth Soccer Field Dimensions:

Youth Soccer Field Dimensions

  • Youth Football Field Dimensions:

Youth Football Field Dimensions

Soccer has more flexibility in size as there aren’t specific markers for all distances. Football fields, on the other hand, require marks for all the lines for better understanding of the game.

Can The Two Sports Share a Field?

Many stadiums host both soccer and football games on the same field. The different sizes of soccer fields allow for easy integration. In high schools and amateur leagues, where budget constraints come into play, soccer fields often end up being similar in size to football fields.

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While sharing a playing surface may create a rivalry between the two sports, smart scheduling and adjustments make it work. The dimensions of the fields appear close enough to the average fan, making it practical to utilize the same stadium for multiple sports.

Does One Sport Cause More Damage to the Playing Surface than the Other?

In most cases, football does more damage to a playing surface than soccer. The gathering of players at the line of scrimmage leads to wear and tear on the field. Soccer players, being lighter and wearing different cleats, have less impact on the surface. Tackling in soccer is also different from football, contributing to fewer on-field issues.

Fields that accommodate both sports may require creative solutions for managing the condition. Some high schools have transitioned to artificial grass, reducing maintenance and allowing other sports to use the surface.

How Soccer and Football Continue to Coexist with Different Playing Dimensions

Soccer and football are close enough in terms of dimensions that they will continue to coexist for years to come. Even in professional leagues like the NFL and MLS, some teams share stadiums. Although it requires careful maintenance, sharing a playing surface saves money in many instances.

As both sports adjust and make accommodations, they will continue to thrive together, offering fans a variety of exciting experiences.


Q: Are soccer fields and football fields the same size?
A: No, they are not the exact same size. Soccer fields have more flexibility in dimensions, while football fields have precise measurements.

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Q: Do soccer and football share the same playing surface?
A: Yes, many stadiums host both soccer and football games on the same field. The different sizes of soccer fields allow for easy integration.

Q: Which sport causes more damage to the playing surface?
A: In most cases, football causes more damage to the playing surface due to the gathering of players at the line of scrimmage.

Q: How do soccer and football coexist with different playing dimensions?
A: Both sports make adjustments and accommodations to share playing surfaces, offering fans a diverse range of experiences.


Soccer and football fields may not be the exact same size, but they are close enough to coexist and be shared between the two sports. The flexibility of soccer field dimensions allows for seamless integration, even in stadiums where both sports are played. Despite differences in the impact on the playing surface, solutions such as artificial grass are used to manage maintenance and accommodate both sports. As soccer and football continue to thrive, fans can enjoy the excitement of these two popular sports on fields that are tailored to their unique needs.

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