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Soccer Game or Match: What’s The Difference?

Soccer Game or Match

Game or match? This seems like a simple question, but it has sparked debates worldwide. Soccer is unique in that people can get frustrated when the wrong term is used. While “game” and “match” are both acceptable, the usage depends on the region. In this article, we will explore the similarities and differences between these two terms in the context of soccer.

Is There Any Difference Between a Game and a Match?

When it comes specifically to soccer, there is actually no difference between a game and a match. Both terms are used interchangeably by different people discussing the sport. However, in sports like tennis, games make up sets, and sets make up a match. Some argue that using “match” instead of “game” in soccer adds a sense of importance, but it is not commonly used in that context.

What Other Sports Use the Term “Match”?

Technically, any sport that involves a competition between two teams could use the term “match” instead of “game.” For example, saying there is an NBA match tonight might sound unusual in North America, but it is not incorrect. Due to soccer’s prominence in many countries, the term “match” is also used for other sports in those regions.

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Soccer or Football?

Before delving into the debate between “game” and “match,” there is often the question of whether to call the sport soccer or football. In Europe, where the sport originated, it is commonly referred to as football. In North America, however, it is called soccer to avoid confusion with American football. The term football makes sense when considering the predominant use of the feet in the sport.

What are Some Other Differences in Soccer Terminology?

Apart from the game versus match debate, there are other soccer terminology differences that vary depending on location. Here are a few examples:

Standings vs. Table

In the United States and surrounding countries, the term “standings” is used to refer to the record of all teams. In European soccer, it is often referred to as the “table.” Understanding the standings or table is crucial, as it determines which teams are relegated or promoted in different divisions.

Pitch and Field

The playing surface for a soccer game or match can be called either a pitch or a field. Europeans typically use the term “pitch,” while North Americans use “field.” The distinction is made to differentiate between various types of fields for different sports.

Referee vs. Umpire

In soccer, a contest is overseen by a referee or umpire who enforces the rules. Some people might argue that there is a difference between the two, but they can be used interchangeably. Each sport may have its own specific rules, but the roles are essentially the same.

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Rival vs. Derby

In European soccer, matches between rival teams are often referred to as “derbies.” This term can be confusing for North Americans, as “derby” is primarily associated with horse racing. Both “rivalry” and “derby” matches carry a similar intensity and significance.


Q: Is there a definitive answer to whether it is called a game or a match in soccer?
A: Technically, there is no right or wrong answer. The creators of the game refer to it as football, so one could argue that it should be called a football match. However, in the grand scheme of things, the choice between game and match is not crucial and varies depending on the region.

Q: Why is the usage of terms like game and match important in soccer?
A: The usage of game or match in soccer can reflect the regional influences and traditions of the sport. It adds to the rich variety and cultural differences that make soccer a global phenomenon.


In conclusion, the terms “game” and “match” are used interchangeably in soccer depending on the region. While there might be slight differences in usage and connotations, there is no definitive answer to which term is correct. The most important aspect is the love and passion for the sport itself. So whether you call it a game or a match, the excitement and camaraderie remain the same.

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