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Soccer Skills: The Trivela

Soccer skills are an integral part of the game, showcasing the individual talents of players. While tactics like gegenpressing and tiki taka shape team strategies, certain skills bring the spotlight to specific individuals and their technical abilities.

The Trivela, perfected by former Portuguese international Ricardo Quaresma, is one such skill that deserves recognition. This technique is attempted by only the most technically gifted players and involves shooting or crossing the ball with the outside of the boot. It creates a beautiful curve or bend, adding style and flair to the game.

In this article, we’ll provide a comprehensive guide to the Trivela. We’ll explain what exactly the Trivela is, its origin, and why it’s called a Trivela. Additionally, we’ll give you tips on how to execute this skill yourself.

What is a Trivela?

The Trivela is a shot or cross taken with the outside of the boot, as opposed to the usual instep technique. It allows players to add curve and accuracy to the ball, reaching specific areas on the field with finesse. The Trivela not only serves a functional purpose but also showcases the player’s style and flair.

Why is it called a Trivela?

The Trivela goes by various names in different parts of the world. In Brazil, it’s known as “dos tres dedos” (meaning “with three toes”), while in Russia, it’s referred to as a “Shvedka” (meaning “swede”). Nigeria has its own term, calling it a “NASA pass,” symbolizing the precision and detail achieved by this skill.

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However, the nickname “Trivela” has gained popularity, especially in Portugal, where players have mastered this move. It refers to the precise curve the ball takes, finding an otherwise unreachable space on the field. The exact origins of the name remain unclear.

How do you do a Trivela?

Executing the Trivela requires a level of unpredictability to keep defenders guessing. Here are some useful tips to help you perform this skill:


When approaching the ball, step to it from the side rather than straight on, allowing space for the desired banana-shaped curve. Plant your standing foot slightly further away from the ball to generate the desired effect.


Follow-through is crucial in the Trivela shot or cross. It provides the power needed to direct the ball and the spin that comes from striking it with the outside of the boot. Raise your kicking leg high during the follow-through to generate power.

Ball contact area

Aim to strike the ball on the outside, away from the center, to achieve the desired curve. However, striking too far from the center will require more power. Practice finding the right balance and hitting the sweet spot.

Lock the ankle

Ensure your ankle is locked when making contact with the ball. This is where power comes from, so a limp ankle can result in a weak effort.

Prioritize technique over power

Focus on perfecting your technique rather than hitting the ball as hard as possible. Build a strong foundation and let your power naturally develop over time.

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By keeping these tips in mind, you can bring the impressive Trivela shot into your own game.

Can you score a Trivela shot in FIFA 23?

FIFA 23 Ultimate Team players may already be familiar with the Trivela, as it has become a favorite skill within the game. To execute a Trivela shot in FIFA 23, Playstation users should hold L2 and press Circle, while Xbox users should use LT and B. PC users should hold W and the left mouse button.

Whether you want to showcase your Trivela skills in FIFA 23 or on the actual soccer field, we’ve provided all the tips you need to replicate Ricardo Quaresma’s famous move.

If you’re interested in learning more about impressive soccer skills, our blog features a range of informative guides, from the rabona and the rainbow kick to basic skills like the step over and the rondo.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How hard is the Trivela skill?
The Trivela skill takes practice. Achieving swerve, bend, accuracy, and power can be challenging. However, with dedication and focus, any skilled player can accomplish this move.

What is a rainbow kick?
The rainbow kick, or rainbow flick, involves rolling the ball up your standing leg before flicking or lobbing it over the head of an opposing defender. It’s a difficult skill that we explore further in our comprehensive guide to the rainbow kick.

What is a stepover?
The stepover is a simple yet effective skill commonly used by attacking players. It involves moving your foot around the ball, feinting in one direction, and quickly bursting off with pace. Check out our guide to the stepover for more information.

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