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St Andrew’s: Birmingham City

Despite its long history, St. Andrew’s is more than just a stadium for Birmingham City. This iconic venue has witnessed the club’s rise and has become a symbol of their legacy. Let’s take a closer look at what makes St. Andrew’s so special.

A Rich History

St. Andrew’s has a fascinating history that dates back to its construction in 1906. However, even before that, Birmingham City had already established itself as a pioneering club. Formed in 1875 as Small Heath Alliance, the team went on to become the first football club to become a limited company with a board of directors.

Initially playing on waste ground in Bordesley Green, Birmingham City moved to a ground known as Muntz Street. This small venue could hold up to 10,000 spectators when it first opened, but as demand grew, the need for a larger stadium became evident. Thus, construction for St. Andrew’s began, and within just ten months, a new home for Birmingham City was born.

An Iconic Venue

St. Andrew’s boasts a unique layout that has undergone refurbishments over the years while maintaining its English style. The stadium comprises four stands, including The Main Stand, The Tilton Road Stand, The Spion Kop Stand, and The Gill Merrick Stand.

The Main Stand, with its two tiers, provides a welcoming space for club guests, families, and the media. The Tilton Road Stand, a single-tier stand, is often filled with the club’s most passionate supporters. Birmingham City’s Spion Kop Stand, unlike traditional Kop stands, runs along the side of the pitch and features a large section of corporate seating. Lastly, The Gill Merrick Stand, previously known as The Railway Stand, accommodates away supporters in its two tiers.

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Tickets and Matchday Experience

Attending a Birmingham City match at St. Andrew’s is an experience like no other. The ticket pricing is categorized based on age groups, stadium sections, and match categories. The club’s official website, ticket office, and the Blues Superstore offer various avenues to secure tickets. Additionally, Ticketmaster, a reputable ticket provider, is also an official ticketing partner for the club.

How to Get to St. Andrew’s

Situated in the heart of Birmingham, reaching St. Andrew’s is both convenient and straightforward. Visitors have several transport options to choose from, including:

  • Train: Bordesley Station is the closest train station to the ground, with regular train services from Birmingham’s New Street Station.
  • Bus: Birmingham’s reliable bus network offers multiple routes from the city center to the stadium.
  • Car: Drivers can access St. Andrew’s via the M6 motorway or follow the designated road signs.
  • Air: Birmingham International Airport is the ideal choice for international visitors, with regular train services connecting the airport to the city center.

Where to Stay and Grab a Drink

Birmingham, known as the Second City, offers numerous accommodation options for visitors. From hotels near St. Andrew’s to those in the city center, there is something to suit every preference and budget.

Before the match, fans can enjoy the city’s vibrant pub and bar scene. Birmingham offers a blend of northern warmth and southern redevelopment, creating a diverse range of establishments to choose from.

Facilities and Hospitality

St. Andrew’s provides excellent facilities for football enthusiasts. The clean concourses, various food and drink options, and decent views from most sections of the stadium enhance the matchday experience.

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Hospitality packages are also available at St. Andrew’s. Each part of the ground offers a unique experience, such as The Boardroom Club, The Jasper Carrott Suite, and The Captain’s Club. These packages include dining options, behind-the-scenes tours, and access to exclusive areas.

Private hire options are available for those planning events, with nine suites and eighteen executive boxes to choose from.

Stadium Tours and Museum

Have you ever wondered what it feels like to be a Birmingham City player on matchday? While a stadium tour won’t exactly replicate that experience, it offers an exciting glimpse into the players’ preparations. The tour includes visits to the dressing rooms, the tunnel to the pitch, the manager’s dug-out, and more. Stadium tours require prior arrangement with the club.

At present, there isn’t a dedicated museum for Birmingham City at St. Andrew’s. However, the city of Birmingham hosts various museums that occasionally feature special exhibitions showcasing the history of both Birmingham City and Aston Villa.

Birmingham City: A Proud Legacy

Birmingham City, formerly known as Small Heath Alliance, has had a significant presence in the Football League. Their rich history includes being founding members and the first champions of the Football League Second Division. Notably, Birmingham City enjoyed success in the 1950s and 1960s, achieving their highest finish in the First Division, reaching the 1956 FA Cup Final, and winning their first League Cup in 1963.

St. Andrew’s Legacy

St. Andrew’s has witnessed countless memorable moments in its history. Originally capable of accommodating around 75,000 spectators, the stadium has since evolved to hold over 30,000 fans. St. Andrew’s has not only been the home of Birmingham City Football Club but has also hosted England international matches at all levels, FA Cup semi-finals, rugby union games, boxing matches, music concerts, and even Coventry City during their recent period of homelessness between 2019 and 2021.

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The Future of St. Andrew’s

Over the years, proposals to relocate the club to a new stadium have been discussed. However, as long as Birmingham City remains outside of the top-flight, such a move is unlikely. In 2013, St. Andrew’s was designated an Asset of Community Value, further emphasizing its importance to the local community.


  • Can I purchase tickets for Birmingham City matches online? Yes, tickets can be purchased through Birmingham City’s official website or via their ticket office.
  • Are stadium tours available at St. Andrew’s? Yes, stadium tours are available, allowing visitors to explore various areas of St. Andrew’s. It is advisable to check with the club for tour availability.
  • Is there a museum dedicated to Birmingham City at St. Andrew’s? Currently, there is no museum specifically dedicated to Birmingham City at St. Andrew’s. However, the city of Birmingham offers multiple museums with occasional exhibitions related to Birmingham City and Aston Villa.


St. Andrew’s has played an integral role in Birmingham City’s journey, and its legacy extends beyond football. The stadium’s rich history, unique layout, and well-maintained facilities make it a must-visit destination for football enthusiasts. Whether you’re attending a match, exploring the stadium, or immersing yourself in the city’s vibrant atmosphere, St. Andrew’s is a place that captures the essence of Birmingham City Football Club.