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St Mirren Park: A Modern Football Destination

St Mirren Park, also known as The Simple Digital Arena or The SMISA Stadium, is a football venue in Paisley, Scotland. With a rich history dating back to 1877, the club has seen success in various competitions, including Scottish Cup victories in 1926, 1959, and 1987, as well as a Scottish League Cup win in 2013. Let’s delve deeper into what makes St Mirren Park a must-visit destination for football enthusiasts.

A Stadium With British Charm

While St Mirren Park is relatively new compared to other football stadiums, it stays true to the traditional British look. The stadium features stands on each side of the pitch, offering a separate viewing experience for families and visiting supporters. The Tony Fitzpatrick Stand, located on the south side, provides a family-friendly atmosphere, while the North Stand accommodates visiting fans.

St Mirren Park

The Perfect Seat Awaits

Ticket prices at St Mirren Park vary based on seating location. Generally, adult tickets start around £20, concessions are available from £10, and children can attend for £5 or less. Carers of disabled individuals can obtain complimentary tickets, ensuring an inclusive experience for all fans.

Where to Buy Tickets

For convenient ticket purchasing, check out Ticket Compare.

Accessible Transportation Options

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To reach St Mirren Park, several transportation methods are available:

  • Train: Simply travel from Paisley Gilmour Street to Paisley St James, where you can exit the station onto Greenhill Road and find the stadium right in front of you.
  • Bus: Most buses in the area stop at Paisley Cross and Mill Street, near Paisley Town Hall. From there, you can easily access the stadium by walking towards the town center and either catching a train or continuing on foot.
  • Car: If you’re traveling by car, take the M8 and follow signs for Paisley & Glasgow Airport. Avoid the A737 towards Irvine and head to the St James’ Interchange. From there, follow signs to the stadium.
  • By Air: Glasgow Airport is the closest airport to St Mirren Park, making it a convenient choice for visitors. Alternatively, Edinburgh Airport is not too far away.

For those seeking a taxi, a journey from Paisley center to St Mirren Park usually costs no more than £10.

Parking Around St Mirren Park

While limited street parking is available near the stadium, be mindful of parking restrictions. Inconsiderate parking has caused issues for buses and residents in the past. Explore alternative parking options near St Mirren Park here.

Useful Resources

  • Just Park provides additional parking options.

A Comfortable and Engaging Experience

St Mirren Park boasts top-notch facilities, offering an enjoyable matchday experience for fans. With bars, dining options, toilets, and disabled facilities, the stadium has everything you need.


  • Programme: £3
  • Pie: £2.3
  • Cup of tea: £2
  • Beer: £4.5

The Ultimate Hospitality Experience

Whether you’re attending with business associates or celebrating with friends and family, St Mirren Park offers a range of hospitality packages. From meals and champagne receptions to group discounts, various packages cater to your specific needs. The cost of each package depends on the match you wish to attend.

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Private hire options are available for personal celebrations or formal events such as business meetings.

Explore the Stadium’s Rich History

Embark on a tour of St Mirren Park to uncover its history and hidden gems. For just £5, visitors can access areas like the boardroom, pitch side, and dressing rooms—making it a worthwhile experience for football enthusiasts.

About St Mirren

St Mirren originated from a gentleman’s club that initially played cricket and rugby. Named after Saint Mirin, the Patron Saint of Paisley, the club was eventually established in 1877. The team has worn their iconic black and white stripes since early on, experiencing both triumphs and challenges over the years. While they have yet to win the Scottish top-flight, St Mirren has secured victories in the second tier and Scottish Cup. The club’s rich history includes numerous appearances in European competitions and an impressive record in the Renfrewshire Cup.

A Home for Success

St Mirren Park opened on January 31, 2009, after a year of construction. With an £8 million price tag, the stadium was built by Barr Construction. The club’s former stadium, Love Street, was sold to Tesco for £15 million, allowing for the development of this state-of-the-art venue. Over the years, the ground has seen several sponsorships, including a partnership with Simple Digital Solutions, leading to its previous name change. In 2020, it was renamed the SMISA Stadium, honoring the St. Mirren Independent Supporters Association.

Continuous Improvements

In 2019, St Mirren confirmed various improvements to the stadium, such as upgraded sound equipment and LED lights. Branded seats were added to the director’s box, and pitch lights were installed to minimize any potential damage. With these recent enhancements, significant changes to the stadium are unlikely in the near future.

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Q: Where can I buy tickets for St Mirren matches?
A: Conveniently purchase tickets on Ticket Compare.

Q: Is parking available near St Mirren Park?
A: Limited street parking is available, but please be mindful of parking restrictions. Explore alternative parking options here.


St Mirren Park offers football enthusiasts a modern and engaging experience steeped in history. From its rich past to its state-of-the-art facilities, the stadium provides the perfect setting to watch St Mirren in action. Come and immerse yourself in the passion and excitement of Scottish football at St Mirren Park.

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