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Stadio Olimpico: AS Roma / SS Lazio

Stadio Olimpico, located within the Foro Italico complex in Rome, is the largest sports facility in the city. Owned by the Italian National Olympic Committee, it serves as the home stadium for two of Italy’s most renowned teams, SS Lazio and AS Roma. The stadium has a rich history, with construction beginning in 1901 and officially opening in 1937.

A Double Home

When discussing stadiums that are shared by multiple teams, it’s helpful to divide the information into sections for clarity. In this case, we’ll discuss SS Lazio first, followed by AS Roma. However, certain details apply to both teams, such as the stadium’s history, which we will cover in one section. Let’s dive in!

Stadio Olimpico: Facts and Figures

  • Year Opened: 1937
  • Capacity: 72,698
  • Average Attendance: 21,274
  • Record Attendance: 100,000 (Italy vs. Hungary in 1953)
  • Pitch Size: 105 x 68 meters
  • Nickname: Olimpico
  • Former Names: Stadio dei Cipressi, Stadio dei Centomila
  • Owner: Italian National Olympic Committee
  • Clubs Hosted: SS Lazio, AS Roma, Italy national football team, Italy national rugby union team
  • First Fixture: Italy vs. Hungary on May 17, 1953

SS Lazio: The White and Sky Blues

Founded in 1900, SS Lazio has a storied history in Italian football. The team’s nicknames include “The White and Sky Blues,” “The White and Blues,” “The Eagles,” and “The Eaglets.” Their home matches at Stadio Olimpico are full of passion and excitement, with the Curva Nord being the focal point for the most vocal Lazio fans.

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AS Roma: The Yellow and Reds

Founded in 1927, AS Roma has established itself as a top-tier Italian club. Known as “The Yellow and Reds,” “The Magic One,” and “The Wolves,” Roma has a dedicated fan base. The Stadio Olimpico is where the team showcases their talent, and the supporters eagerly cheer them on. Francesco Totti holds the record for most goals and appearances for the club.

Stadio Olimpico: A Spectator’s Experience

The Stadio Olimpico offers a bowl-style seating arrangement, divided into sections. Let’s explore each area:

  • Curva Nord: Lazio fans’ passionate stronghold, known for its vocal atmosphere.
  • Curva Sud: Home to Roma ultras, this section brims with noise and excitement.
  • Tribuna Ovest: Considered the Main Stand, it houses the dugouts and director’s box.
  • Tribuna Tevere: The premium seating area, often frequented by journalists and corporate guests.

How to Get Tickets

To secure SS Lazio or AS Roma tickets, start by visiting the club’s official website, where you’ll find information on upcoming matches. Additionally, you can explore official sales points throughout the city or contact the club directly. Online platforms like Ticket Compare offer another avenue for ticket purchase.

Getting to Stadio Olimpico

Rome, being the capital of Italy, offers various transportation options to reach Stadio Olimpico:

  • Train: Take the Metro A Line from Termini or Tiburtina station to Ottaviano.
  • Bus: Catch bus number 32 from Ottaviano or tram number 2, both of which stop near the stadium.
  • Car: Follow signs to Foro Italico from Exit Number 5 on the A1 motorway.
  • Air: Rome has two main airports, Leonardo da Vinci – Fiumicino and Ciampino – G.B. Pastine International. Both offer connections to the city center.
  • Taxi: A taxi ride from Termini to the stadium typically costs around €15 and takes approximately 20 minutes.
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Facilities and Hospitality

Stadio Olimpico, though not the most modern stadium, provides good views from most areas, ensuring an enjoyable experience for spectators. Food and drink options are available before kickoff and during halftime.

Both SS Lazio and AS Roma offer hospitality packages for fans seeking a premium experience. These packages include various amenities such as armchair seats, minibars, and excellent service. Private hire and event facilities are also available at the stadium.

Stadium Tours and Museum

Unfortunately, public tours of Stadio Olimpico are not currently offered. However, tickets to SS Lazio and AS Roma matches provide an opportunity to explore the stadium firsthand. While there are no dedicated museums for either club, Rome boasts numerous other museums worth exploring.


Q: Can I book stadium tours at Stadio Olimpico?
A: Currently, public stadium tours are not available. Keep an eye out for any future updates.

Q: Are there museums dedicated to SS Lazio or AS Roma?
A: Rome offers a wealth of museums, but there are no exclusive museums for SS Lazio or AS Roma at present. The planned Stadio della Roma was set to include a museum, but the project’s status is uncertain.


Stadio Olimpico stands as a historic and iconic venue in Rome, serving as home to both SS Lazio and AS Roma. With its rich history, passionate fan bases, and top-class facilities, the stadium offers an unforgettable experience for football enthusiasts. Whether you’re planning to attend a match or simply appreciate the architecture, Stadio Olimpico is a must-visit destination in the Eternal City.

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To learn more about Stadio Olimpico and its resident clubs, SS Lazio and AS Roma, visit Movin993.