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Stonebridge Road: Ebbsfleet United FC

Stonebridge Road

Welcome to Stonebridge Road, the home of Ebbsfleet United FC. This historic football ground has been an integral part of the club’s journey since its formation in 2007. Let’s explore the rich history, stadium features, and how you can be a part of the action.

History of Stonebridge Road

Stonebridge Road has a long-standing legacy in the world of football. It was first opened in 1905 and became the home of Northfleet FC. In 1946, the merger between Northfleet FC and Gravesend FC gave birth to Gravesend & Northfleet FC, which later transformed into Ebbsfleet United FC. Over the years, Stonebridge Road has witnessed the club’s triumphs and transformations.

Stadium Features and Facts

  • Year Opened: 1905
  • Capacity: 4,769
  • Average Attendance: 1,247
  • Record Attendance: 12,032 (Gravesend & Northfleet v Sunderland)
  • Pitch Size: 102 x 66 (6,732)

With its rich history and loyal fan base, Stonebridge Road has become an iconic venue for Ebbsfleet United and has hosted various other clubs, including Gillingham, Dartford, and Northfleet United.

Ebbsfleet United: The Fleet

Ebbsfleet United, affectionately known as “The Fleet,” has a proud history that dates back to the merger in 1946. The club has experienced exciting periods, notably between 2008 and 2013, when it was owned by MyFootballClub. During this time, members of the web-based venture had the power to influence decisions on ticket prices, budgets, and player transfers.

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Ebbsfleet United Tickets

Ebbsfleet United Ticket Prices

Attending an Ebbsfleet United match is an incredible experience for football enthusiasts of all ages. Ticket prices vary depending on age categories:

  • Adults: £19
  • Concessions (Over 60s and 17-21-year-olds in full-time education): £15
  • Juniors (12-16 years): £9
  • Under 12s: £1 (must be accompanied by a paying adult)

You can purchase your tickets in advance on the official Movin993 website or directly from the ticket window at the stadium.

How to Get Ebbsfleet United Tickets

Ebbsfleet United offers convenient online ticketing through their official website. Alternatively, you can purchase your tickets at the stadium’s ticket window if your plans are uncertain until just before kick-off.

Where to Buy

For a seamless ticket purchasing experience, visit the Movin993 website for all your Ebbsfleet United ticketing needs.

Getting to Stonebridge Road

Stonebridge Road Map

Here’s how you can reach Stonebridge Road for an exciting matchday experience:

Train: Northfleet Station and Ebbsfleet International Station are both conveniently located within walking distance of the stadium. These stations are served by various train services, including the Gravesend service from London’s Charing Cross, Waterloo East, and London Bridge.

Bus: If you prefer to travel by bus, the 480 and 490 services drop off passengers right outside the stadium. The fast-track B service also stops at Ebbsfleet International.

Car: Driving to the stadium? Take the M25 and exit at Junction 2 onto the A2, following the signs for Canterbury. Leave at the Northfleet/Gravesend West exit and look out for signposts to Ebbsfleet International Station and the stadium.

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By Air: Stonebridge Road is easily accessible from any of London’s major airports, including Heathrow, London City, Gatwick, and Stansted. A short journey from any of these airports will bring you to the heart of the action.

Taxi: If you prefer a taxi from the stations to the stadium, expect to pay around £10, depending on traffic conditions.

Parking Near Stonebridge Road

Parking within the stadium is limited to staff members. However, you can park in Car Park C of Ebbsfleet International Stadium for £3. Please note that parking around the stadium may result in a fine if parked in unauthorized areas. Visitors with a blue badge are advised to contact the club for possible accommodations.

Pubs and Bars Near Stonebridge Road

Local Pubs and Bars

No matchday experience is complete without a visit to the local pubs and bars near Stonebridge Road. Whether you want to soak up the pre-match atmosphere or celebrate a victory, these establishments provide a vibrant and welcoming environment for fans.


Q: Can I buy tickets for Ebbsfleet United matches on matchday?
A: Yes, tickets can be purchased from the ticket window at Stonebridge Road on matchday, subject to availability.

Q: Are there any parking facilities for disabled visitors?
A: Visitors with a blue badge are recommended to contact the club in advance for possible accommodations.


Stonebridge Road is more than just a football ground; it represents the history, passion, and legacy of Ebbsfleet United FC. As the club continues to evolve, Stonebridge Road remains a beloved venue for fans and an essential part of the local football community.

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Experience the thrill of live football at Stonebridge Road and join the loyal supporters of Ebbsfleet United FC. For more information and updates, visit Movin993, your trusted source for all things Ebbsfleet United.