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Swedish Football Stadiums

Sweden National Team in 1911

Sweden has a deep love for football, considering it as its most popular sport. With over a quarter of a million licensed players in the country, including over 55,000 women, and around half a million youth players, it’s clear that football matters to the Swedes. In this article, we will explore the stadiums found in Sweden, the league system, and the success of the national team over the years.

Sweden’s Stadiums

Friends Arena Sweden

Sweden is home to a vast number of football grounds and pitches, making the sport accessible to anyone who wants to play. However, unlike the large stadiums in the UK, the main stadium, Friends Arena, can house 50,000 people. Most of the other stadiums are considerably smaller, with the next largest accommodating 30,000 spectators, and the majority capable of holding less than 20,000 supporters. These stadiums mostly follow a European bowl design with open roofs.

Sweden’s Leagues

The Swedish football league system consists of ten tiers, starting with the top-flight league, the Allsvenskan. Sixteen teams compete in this league to become the Swedish champions, while the bottom two teams are relegated to the Superettan. The third-lowest team will enter a play-off against the third-placed team in the Superettan to determine their placement for the following year. Promotion and relegation exist throughout the system, all the way down to the lowest division, Swedish Football Division 8.

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The Sweden National Team

When Sweden won their first-ever football match with an impressive 11-3 victory, many people in the country were filled with excitement about their potential as a nation. However, they quickly experienced a reality check when they lost their next five games against tougher opponents like England, the Netherlands, Great Britain, and Belgium. Nevertheless, Sweden has achieved notable success in football, winning the Nordic Championship nine times in a row between 1933 and 1977. They also won the Olympic Games in 1948 and reached the semi-finals of both the World Cup and the European Championships. In the 1958 World Cup final, they unfortunately lost 5-2 to Brazil, who had the legendary Pele on their side.

Key Stats

History Of Football In Sweden

Sweden Football

Football was first played in Sweden in the 1870s, introduced to the country by English and Scottish expats. The rules of the Swedish game were established in 1885 and later evolved to become more similar to the rules we know today by 1892. During its early years, football was primarily played by gymnastics clubs, which were responsible for most sporting activities at the time. Now, the sport has grown in popularity, with over 3000 clubs playing football throughout the country.


  • Q: How many licensed players are there in Sweden?

    • A: There are over a quarter of a million licensed players in Sweden.
  • Q: How many tiers are there in the Swedish football league system?

    • A: The Swedish football league system consists of ten tiers.
  • Q: How many times has Sweden won the Nordic Championship?

    • A: Sweden has won the Nordic Championship nine times in a row.
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Football is deeply ingrained in Swedish culture, with numerous stadiums and a well-structured league system. The national team has achieved notable success in international competitions. Whether you’re a fan of Swedish football or simply interested in the sport’s history, Sweden offers a fascinating perspective. For more information about Swedish football, visit Movin993.