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The 9 Best Fullbacks Of All Time

The demands placed on soccer players are immense, with the average professional running around 11 kilometers per match. Among the positions that require exceptional stamina, fullbacks stand out. In this article, we explore the role of a fullback, providing insights into their responsibilities and duties. Additionally, we present a list of the nine best fullbacks of all time.

What Is A Fullback In Soccer?

Fullbacks are part of the defensive line in soccer. However, they often venture forward, operating predominantly on the flanks. Their primary task is to handle opposition wingers and provide cover for center backs when necessary. In today’s game, fullbacks also play an attacking role. They support midfielders and attackers, contributing to possession build-up and counter-attacks. Through crosses, through-balls, and wide runs, they create opportunities in the opposition’s final third.

The Key Skills Of A Soccer Fullback

The role of a fullback is multi-faceted, requiring various skills. Here are the most crucial capabilities for left and right backs:

1. Defensive Solidity

Fullbacks must possess all the basic defensive attributes such as tackling, intercepting, jockeying, marking, and tracking opposition runs. Clearing the ball away from danger is also essential.

2. Tactical Awareness

Fullbacks need strong tactical understanding to perform effectively within different formations and systems. They must know how to interact with midfielders, forwards, and fellow defenders. Understanding the threats posed by the opposition is crucial.

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3. Speed

Given the presence of quick wingers, fullbacks must have speed and acceleration. They should be able to stay goalside of their opponents and prevent them from creating scoring opportunities.

4. Fitness

Fullbacks cover a significant distance during a match, actively contributing to both attack and defense. Excellent fitness levels are vital to track opponents and make positive contributions to the team.

5. Positional Discipline

While attacking is important, fullbacks must maintain discipline and caution. Leaving gaps behind can create opportunities for opponents to exploit. They need to issue defensive instructions to wide midfielders, while also providing cover and maintaining their position.

The 9 Best Fullbacks Of All Time

Several remarkable players have excelled in the wide defensive position. Here are some of the all-time greats:

  1. Cafu: An iconic Brazilian right-back who won multiple World Cups, Champions League titles, and domestic honors with Sao Paulo, Roma, and AC Milan.

  2. Roberto Carlos: A left back known for his offensive prowess and memorable long-distance goals. He achieved success with Brazil, Real Madrid, and the national team.

  3. Paolo Maldini: Widely regarded as one of the greatest defenders in soccer history, Maldini spent his entire career at AC Milan, winning numerous titles and five European Cups.

  4. Javier Zanetti: A legendary fullback for Inter Milan, Zanetti showcased exceptional tackling, dribbling, and passing abilities. He holds the record for the most Champions League appearances.

  5. Lillian Thuram: A versatile French defender who played across the backline, Thuram excelled at right-back. He was known for his speed, power, and technical ability.

  6. Philipp Lahm: This versatile right-back and former Bayern Munich captain was praised for his leadership, tactical intelligence, and positional play.

  7. Ashley Cole: Considered one of England’s greatest left-backs, Cole achieved remarkable success at the domestic level with Arsenal and Chelsea.

  8. Nilton Santos: An attack-minded Brazilian wing-back who stood out for his offensive contributions. Santos won two World Cups and is regarded as one of the best defenders in history.

  9. Carlos Alberto: Another Brazilian fullback, Carlos Alberto was instrumental in Brazil’s 1970 World Cup victory. He was known for his skill on the ball, tactical intelligence, and defensive prowess.

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For further information on the role of fullbacks in soccer, check out our comprehensive guide.