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The Den: Millwall

Millwall Football Club and their iconic stadium, The Den, have a rich history that spans over a century. From humble beginnings to a thriving football club, Millwall has cemented itself as an integral part of the local community. This article will explore the journey of Millwall and shed light on the unique aspects of The Den.

A Ground with a Legacy

The Den has been home to Millwall Football Club for several decades. However, it may come as a surprise to some that the current stadium is not the original one. The new ground, which was also named The Den, replaced the old stadium after 83 years. Previously, it was known by several different names, including The New Den, Senegal Fields, and The New London Stadium.

Finding a Permanent Home

Millwall faced challenges in finding a permanent home during their early years. From 1885, when the club was formed, to 1910, when they moved into the original Den, they played in four different grounds. Their journey started on a waste ground and progressed to The Lord Nelson Ground, an area of land behind The Lord Nelson Pub. The Athletics Ground became their first purpose-built stadium, but they had to relocate when the space was needed for a timber yard by the Millwall Dock Company.

The Den in Numbers

The Den, with a capacity of 20,146, opened its doors in 1993. The stadium has witnessed remarkable moments in football history, including record attendances and memorable fixtures. Millwall’s fierce rivalry with West Ham United and Charlton Athletic has added to the stadium’s allure. The Den has hosted not only Millwall FC but also Millwall Lionesses LFC, showcasing the club’s commitment to women’s football.

Captivating Seating Plan

Unlike many modern grounds, The Den features a traditional “English Style” design with four distinct stands surrounding the pitch. Each stand has its own character and purpose. The North Stand, mainly allocated to away supporters, boasts a capacity of 4,000. The Dockers Stand, named after the club’s working-class docker fanbase, is divided into two tiers. The Cold Blow Lane Stand is famous for its vibrant yellow seats spelling out “The Den.” Lastly, the Barry Kitchener Stand, honoring the club’s record appearance holder, serves as the main stand and houses the press box, executive areas, and the family section.

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Millwall Ticket Prices

Attending a Millwall game is an accessible and affordable experience for fans of all ages. Ticket prices are categorized into different categories (A, B, and C) based on the significance of the fixture. Prices vary according to seating preference and age. Additionally, the club offers discounted tickets for members of the official supporters’ group, ensuring loyal fans can enjoy matches regularly.

How to Get Millwall Tickets

Purchasing Millwall tickets is a straightforward process. The club’s website provides a convenient platform for online ticket sales. For those who prefer personal assistance, the ticket office is open during weekdays and Saturdays before home games. Calling or visiting the office allows you to interact with dedicated staff members who will assist you in securing your desired tickets.

Getting to The Den

The Den’s location in South-East London offers various transportation options for fans. The extensive train network, including the Underground and national rail services, provides easy access to the stadium. Nearby train stations such as South Bermondsey, New Cross, and New Cross Gate are within walking distance. Alternatively, numerous bus routes connect to The Den, and the city’s comprehensive bus service ensures a convenient journey. If you prefer driving, specific directions are available for various entry points to London. Furthermore, the city’s airports provide additional travel choices for those coming from afar.

Parking Near The Den

Official parking at The Den is not available, and on-street parking restrictions can be quite challenging in the surrounding area. It is recommended to utilize public transport options instead. However, a few unofficial parking areas might be available, although parking there would be at your own risk.

The Den Hotels

With a multitude of hotels throughout London, there are numerous options to suit different preferences near The Den. Whether you’re looking for luxury accommodation or budget-friendly choices, the city offers a wide array of hotels to cater to your needs.

Pubs and Bars Near The Den

London is renowned for its vibrant pub culture, and The Den’s locality provides an opportunity for fans to explore nearby establishments. With London Bridge being the go-to area for some fun, there are numerous pubs to choose from for pre- or post-match enjoyment.

Facilities at The Den

The Den, while showing signs of its age, still offers a pleasant experience for spectators. The stadium provides clean facilities and decent views from virtually every angle. Various kiosks are available for food, drinks, match programs, and even betting options before the game commences.

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Hospitality at The Den

At The Den, fans have access to a range of hospitality options, catering to individual matchday experiences or season-long executive memberships. Executive boxes offer panoramic views, personalized services, and dedicated staff members. The 1885 Lounge provides a delightful two-course meal and padded seats for Gold package holders, while the Platinum package offers a three-course meal, a welcome drinks reception, and the chance to meet club legends. The Chairman’s Suite, complete with exclusive access to the Chairman’s Room, offers a luxurious experience with a three-course meal, complimentary drinks, and seating in the Director’s Box.

Private Hire and Events

The Den’s versatile lounges and executive boxes make it an excellent venue for various events, including conferences, training sessions, team-building activities, and private functions. The stadium can accommodate anywhere from 2 to 500 guests, ensuring flexibility and convenience for all occasions.

Stadium Tours & Museum

Millwall provides tours of The Den, allowing fans to explore the inner workings of the stadium. Visitors can discover the dressing rooms, press areas, the Director’s Box, the players’ tunnel, and the dugouts. Legends Tours, guided by club legends, offer an additional layer of insight and nostalgia. Exploring the stadium and museum provides a unique opportunity to immerse oneself in the rich history of Millwall Football Club.

About Millwall

Millwall Football Club has maintained its name as a nod to its roots, despite not playing in the original area since 1910. Founded in 1885 as Millwall Rovers, the club spent its early years constantly moving around the Isle of Dogs. When they settled at The Den in New Cross, they remained connected to their working-class origins in the Docklands. Millwall has achieved significant milestones, including reaching the FA Cup semifinals and even qualifying for European competition in the 2004-2005 season. The club’s passionate fanbase has also gained attention, occasionally overshadowing their footballing achievements.

The Den’s History

After 25 years as nomads, Millwall made the decision to settle in The Den in 1910. The original stadium stood for 83 years before being replaced by the current ground. The Den, the first new all-seater stadium following the Taylor Report, was designed with crowd management in mind. Despite initial plans for a larger capacity, financial constraints resulted in a capacity of over 20,000. The new stadium, located a short distance from the old one, was inaugurated by John Smith MP, the leader of the Labour Party at that time.

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Future Developments

The future of The Den was uncertain for some time due to land sales by Lewisham Council. However, in February 2020, it was announced that The Den would be preserved, allowing the club to move forward with their redevelopment plans. Ambitious expansion projects aim to create a Premier League-ready stadium with a capacity of up to 34,000 spectators. Additionally, plans include a vibrant public plaza, affordable housing, and a new overground station. These developments aim to enhance the community’s connection to the club and dispel any accompanying stigmas.

Q: How can I purchase tickets for Millwall games?
A: Tickets for Millwall games can be purchased online through the club’s website. Alternatively, you can contact the ticket office via phone or visit in person during designated hours.

Q: Are there any hotels near The Den?
A: Yes, there are numerous hotels available throughout London, including options near The Den. The city offers a wide range of accommodations to suit different preferences and budgets.

Q: Can I take a tour of The Den?
A: Yes, Millwall runs tours of The Den, providing an opportunity to explore various areas of the stadium. Tickets for tours can be purchased, and special Legends Tours, guided by club legends, offer an extra level of insight and nostalgia.

Q: What are the hospitality options at The Den?
A: The Den offers a range of hospitality options, from individual matchday experiences to season-long executive memberships. Whether you prefer the luxury of executive boxes or the comfort of lounges such as the 1885 Lounge, there are choices to suit different preferences.

Q: Can The Den host private events?
A: Yes, The Den is an excellent venue for private events and conferences. With versatile lounges and executive boxes, the stadium can accommodate various functions, from training sessions to weddings.

The Den stands as a symbol of Millwall Football Club’s enduring legacy and community spirit. From its humble beginnings to its ambitious redevelopment plans, The Den has witnessed the highs and lows of Millwall’s journey. As a vibrant and historic stadium, it continues to provide a memorable experience for fans and visitors alike. For more information and updates about Millwall and The Den, visit Movin993.