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The Emirates: Arsenal FC

For football fans, Arsenal and Highbury are inseparable. Highbury, their home from 1913 to 2006, is still fondly referred to as Arsenal Stadium by many. Similarly, the club’s new stadium, The Emirates, has become synonymous with Arsenal in the minds of modern football fans. Arsenal is one of the most successful British clubs, boasting an impressive tally of 13 top-flight titles and a record-breaking 14 FA Cups.

A Legacy of Success

With a rich history dating back to 1886, Arsenal made history by becoming the first club from the South of England to join the Football League in 1893. In the 2003-2004 season, the club achieved an outstanding feat by going unbeaten throughout the entire Premier League season, a record that still stands today.

The Emirates Stadium

The Emirates

The Emirates Stadium, designed by architect Christopher Lee, breaks away from the traditional four-stand design of British stadiums. Instead, it features a three-tiered bowl structure. The upper and lower stands offer standard seating, while the middle tier, known as “Club Level,” provides premium seating and includes 150 executive boxes. Each section of the stadium has its own name, allowing fans to choose their preferred seating location.

Arsenal Ticket Prices

Arsenal is known for having some of the most expensive ticket prices in the league. While non-member tickets are difficult to obtain, becoming an Arsenal member grants you access to tickets at a reduced price and before they go on general sale. Ticket prices vary depending on the category of the match, with Category A being the most popular and expensive.

  • Category A: £64.00 – £95.50
  • Category B: £36.50 – £55.50
  • Category C: £26 – £38.50
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Family Enclosure tickets are also available at different prices for adults, concessions, and juniors.

How to Get Arsenal Tickets

To secure tickets for Arsenal matches, you have several options. You can purchase tickets through the club’s website, via their telephone booking line, by post, or in person at the box office located near the Arsenal club shop on Drayton Park. While there may be people selling tickets near the stadium on match days, it is advisable to avoid buying from unofficial sources.

Getting to The Emirates

The Emirates Stadium is located in the Islington area of London and offers numerous transportation options.

  • Train: The closest tube station to the stadium is Arsenal, just a 3-minute walk away. Finsbury Park and Highbury & Islington stations are also within a 10-minute walk. Drayton Park station is closed on match days, and Holloway Road station is exit only before and after matches.
  • Bus: There are bus stops on both sides of The Emirates, with direct routes from various locations in North and Central London.
  • Car: Driving to the stadium can be challenging due to parking restrictions in the residential area surrounding The Emirates. Official parking garages are scarce, so it’s best to avoid driving if possible.
  • Air: Gatwick, Heathrow, Stansted, and London City Airports provide easy access to London. From there, you can travel to Central London and follow the train directions.
  • Taxi: Taxis are available, with a journey from Euston costing approximately £15.

Stadium Tours, Museum, and Hospitality

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The Emirates Stadium offers comprehensive tours that allow visitors to experience the stadium’s highlights. Options include self-guided audio tours, Legends Tours led by former Arsenal players, and guided tours on match days. All tours include access to the Arsenal museum, where you can explore the club’s history and trophy cabinet.

Various hospitality options are available, ranging from premium seating experiences to private hire for events and functions. The Emirates’ excellent facilities, coupled with its suburban location, make it an ideal venue for various occasions.


Q: How much do Arsenal tickets cost for non-members?
A: Non-member prices are not widely available. It is recommended to join the membership scheme to access tickets at a reduced price.

Q: Can I buy tickets near the stadium on match days?
A: While there may be sellers near the ground, it is advisable to avoid buying from unofficial sources.

Q: Are there any parking options near The Emirates stadium?
A: Parking near The Emirates is limited due to parking restrictions and heavy traffic on match days. Official parking garages are scarce.


The Emirates Stadium stands as a modern and impressive venue, hosting one of the most successful football clubs in British history. With its unique design, excellent facilities, and rich history, it offers an unforgettable experience for both Arsenal fans and football enthusiasts alike.

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