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The Etihad: Manchester City FC

In this article, we will take a closer look at The Etihad, the home stadium of Manchester City FC. Despite its relatively short lifespan, The Etihad has a rich history and impressive design. Let’s explore its origins, key features, and future developments.

The Story Behind The Etihad

Originally proposed as a stadium for Manchester’s failed bid to host the 2000 Olympics, The Etihad instead became the venue for The Commonwealth Games in 2002. After the games, it was converted into a football ground, becoming the new home for Manchester City, who were eager to move on from Maine Road. Officially known as The Etihad due to sponsorship reasons, the stadium cost £112 million to build and has received recognition for its design, including a special award from the Institution of Structural Engineers in 2003.

The Etihad in Numbers

  • Year Opened: 2003
  • Capacity: 53,400
  • Average Attendance: 53,249
  • Record Attendance: 54,693 (Manchester City vs. Leicester City, 2016)
  • Pitch Size: 105 x 68 meters
  • Nickname: CoMS, The Etihad
  • Former Name: City Of Manchester Stadium, Eastlands
  • Owner: Manchester City Council
  • Sponsor: Etihad Airways

Stadium Highlights and Seating

The Etihad is a bowl-shaped ground rather than a traditional four-sided stadium. Each section of the ground is named after its physical location, with additional names based on sponsorship. Here are the main stands:

  • The Colin Bell Stand: Renamed in 2004 as a tribute to the club’s former player.
  • The East Stand: Known as The Kippax Stand, honoring the noisy stand in the same location at Maine Road.
  • The North Stand: Originally built after The Commonwealth Games, it was popularly called The Gene Kelly Stand due to its uncovered section. It is now the family stand.
  • The South Stand: This is where the most vocal supporters gather, including fans from the visiting team, creating a lively atmosphere.

Manchester City Ticket Prices

Manchester City offers varying ticket prices based on the popularity of the match and seating location. While precise details are not readily available, the club tends to release tickets first to members of the Cityzen Club, with any remaining tickets going on general sale. Prices can range from £15 to £54 for adults and £10 to £45 for concessions. Children can often attend games for as little as £1.

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How to Get Manchester City Tickets

The best way to secure tickets for Manchester City matches is through the official website. Alternatively, you can contact the box office by phone. It is highly recommended to avoid purchasing tickets from unofficial sources near the stadium, as they may not be genuine.

Getting to The Etihad

The Etihad’s central location in Manchester provides several transportation options:

  • Train: Manchester Piccadilly Station is the nearest rail hub, with a walking distance of about 25 minutes to the stadium. Alternatively, you can take the Metrolink tram towards Ashton, stopping at Etihad Campus, which takes less than 10 minutes.
  • Bus: Numerous buses connect Manchester city center to The Etihad. After the match, buses line up on Aston New Road to transport fans back to central Manchester.
  • Car: If you prefer to drive, simply enter the postcode M11 3FF into your Sat-Nav for directions.
  • Air Travel: Manchester Airport offers convenient access to the stadium. From the airport, take a train to Piccadilly and connect to the Metrolink.

Parking Near The Etihad

Parking is available in the Blue Car Park at The Etihad for £10. However, be cautious of unofficial parking areas, as some unauthorized attendants may charge for parking on abandoned grounds without a license.

The Etihad Hotels

With a plethora of hotels in Manchester city center, finding accommodation near The Etihad is not essential. The stadium is only a 30-minute walk or a 15-minute tram ride from Piccadilly Station. However, if proximity is important, here are some hotel options to consider.

Pubs and Bars Near The Etihad

Given The Etihad’s location near Manchester city center, there are plenty of pubs and bars to enjoy before the match. While exploring the city center is an excellent option, here are some local pubs worth checking out.

Facilities at The Etihad

As one of the newest stadiums in the Premier League, The Etihad offers top-notch facilities. The concourses underwent a significant upgrade before the start of the 2013/2014 season, introducing new catering equipment, improved fan amenities, and digital menus. From stands offering food by Jamie Oliver to artisan hotdogs and grab ‘n’ go drink kiosks, the options at The Etihad will leave you satisfied.

  • Programme: £4
  • Pie: £4.70
  • Cup of tea: £2
  • Beer: £4.60
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Hospitality at The Etihad

As the wealthiest club in the country, Manchester City offers a range of hospitality packages at The Etihad. Prices vary per match, but the experience is consistently exceptional. Premium seating options are available for those seeking extra comfort without additional frills. Examples of hospitality experiences include The Legends Lounge, The Citizens Lounge, and The 1894 Club Bar. Each package provides unique perks such as buffet meals, private bars, and exclusive betting facilities.

Private Hire and Events

The Etihad offers excellent private hire options, including Platinum Boxes, Experience Boxes, and various lounges, catering to a variety of events. The stadium is also licensed to host weddings, providing a memorable backdrop for your special day. Dedicated wedding coordinators are available to assist with planning.

Stadium Tours & Museum

The Etihad Stadium offers immersive tours that allow fans to experience the stadium like never before. From the Director’s box to the player’s lounge, visitors can explore various areas, including the first-team dressing room, the tunnel, and even the manager’s chair. Different tour options are available, including special experiences, such as the Countdown to Kick-Off and Legends tours. The stadium tour also includes access to the exhibition, a 360-degree cinema room, and iconic areas such as the tunnel and dressing rooms.

About Manchester City FC

Manchester City FC has a long and storied history, with roots tracing back to 1880 when the club was founded as St Mark’s. Under the ownership of Sheikh Mansour and the Abu Dhabi United Group, Manchester City experienced a resurgence and achieved significant success in recent years. They have won multiple Premier League titles and consistently qualified for the UEFA Champions League. Forbes magazine ranks Manchester City as the fifth most valuable football team globally.

The Etihad’s History and Future Developments

While originally designed for athletic events, The Etihad has become a versatile venue, hosting various sporting events, music concerts, and more. The stadium has received numerous accolades for its innovative design, including an award from the Royal Institute of British Architects. Manchester City has plans for future expansion, aiming to make The Etihad the second-largest stadium in the country. Proposed developments include an expanded main stand, a sky bar, a hotel, a roof walking experience, a new club museum and shop, and support for local businesses.

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Q: How much do Manchester City tickets cost?
A: Manchester City ticket prices vary depending on the match and seating location. Adult tickets typically range from £15 to £54, while concession prices range from £10 to £45. It’s worth noting that children can often attend games for as little as £1.

Q: How can I purchase Manchester City tickets?
A: The best way to purchase Manchester City tickets is through the official website. Alternatively, you can contact the box office by phone. It is recommended to avoid purchasing tickets from unauthorized sources near the stadium.

Q: How do I get to The Etihad?
A: The Etihad is conveniently located near Manchester city center. You can reach the stadium by train, bus, car, or even bicycle. Manchester Piccadilly Station serves as the nearest rail hub, with a walk of approximately 25 minutes to the stadium. Trams are also available from the station, taking less than 10 minutes to reach Etihad Campus.

Q: Is parking available near The Etihad?
A: Yes, parking is available in the Blue Car Park at The Etihad for £10. However, please be cautious of unofficial parking areas, as some unauthorized attendants may charge for parking in unlicensed spaces.

Q: Can I book private events at The Etihad?
A: Yes, The Etihad offers excellent private hire options, including Platinum Boxes, Experience Boxes, and various lounges. The stadium is also licensed to host weddings, offering a unique and memorable setting for your special day.


The Etihad Stadium stands as an iconic symbol of Manchester City FC and has become a cornerstone of the club’s success. With its impressive design, exceptional facilities, and planned future developments, The Etihad continues to be a premiere sporting venue in the UK. Whether you are a football fan or simply interested in experiencing this remarkable stadium, a visit to The Etihad is sure to leave a lasting impression.