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The MKM Stadium: Home of Hull City AFC

The MKM Stadium, located in Hull, has been the beloved home of Hull City Association Football Club since its opening in 2002. This versatile multi-purpose facility also serves as the home ground for Hull FC, the local rugby league club. Previously known as the KC or KCOM Stadium, it was named after the telecommunications company KCOM, now known as MKM. Let’s explore the fascinating history, features, and future developments of this iconic venue.

A Unique Multi-Purpose Facility

The MKM Stadium stands as a testament to Hull City Council, who meticulously selected its ideal location. Taking into consideration factors such as existing city facilities, isolation from residential areas, and local transportation options, the council ensured the perfect setting for the venue. Despite Hull City’s receivership in 2001, the stadium was completed within the scheduled timeframe and budget of £44 million.

The MKM Stadium Stats

  • Year Opened: 2002
  • Capacity: 25,586
  • Average Attendance: 17,973
  • Record Attendance: 25,280 (England vs Netherlands U21 in 2004)
  • Pitch Size: 105×68 yards
  • Nickname: The KC
  • Owner: Hull City Council
  • Sponsor: MKM

The MKM Stadium Photos

MKM Stadium

The MKM Stadium Seating Plan and Where to Sit

The MKM Stadium features a bowl design, common among stadiums built since the 1990s. It comprises three single-tier stands and one double-tier stand. Let’s explore these stands and their unique characteristics:

  • The North Stand: Located in the North-East corner, this stand accommodates away fans and is adjacent to the disabled seating section.
  • The South Stand: Inspired by traditional single-tiered ‘Kop’ stands like Anfield, this stand is situated behind the goal, offering an incredible atmosphere during significant matches.
  • The West Stand: The primary stand at the MKM Stadium, it is the only stand with two tiers. The Cranswick Plc Stand boasts 28 corporate boxes, providing an elevated experience for spectators.
  • The East Stand: This stand holds the potential for future expansion, making it an exciting area to watch for future developments.

Hull City Ticket Prices

Hull City offers a range of ticket prices depending on your seating location within the stadium. Ticket prices also vary based on age, with concessions available. Additionally, there are discounts for club members and bulk purchases. Here’s a breakdown of the price range for adults and concessions:

  • Adults: £20.00 – £28.00
  • Concessions: £13.50 – £18.00
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Please note that Hull City does not offer season tickets. Instead, they provide a long-term monthly membership scheme. On-the-day ticket purchases incur a £2 surcharge.

How to Get Hull City Tickets

Acquiring tickets for Hull City matches is incredibly convenient. You have several options available:

  1. Online: Purchase tickets up to an hour before the game and print them at home.
  2. Self-Service Ticket Machines: Located at the MKM Stadium, these machines allow you to buy tickets.
  3. Tiger Leisure: Visit Hull City’s megastore to buy tickets in person.
  4. Phone: Call the club directly to purchase tickets over the phone, offering a trustworthy payment method.

Getting to the MKM Stadium

Hull is situated in the East Riding of Yorkshire, easily accessible from various directions. Here are some transportation options:

  • Train: Hull train station provides connections from across the country. If necessary, you may need to change trains at Leeds. The station is just over a mile from the MKM Stadium, making it a convenient walking distance.
  • Bus: Hull boasts an excellent bus service, with 16 different bus routes serving the stadium. Buses numbered 2, 23, 24, 35, 48, 60, 61, 62, 64, 66, 151, 152, 153, 154, 155, and 350 can take you directly to the stadium.
  • Car: The A1 and M62 are the main routes into Hull, with the MKM Stadium accessible via the A1105.
  • Air: Hull is served by four airports; Humberside Airport is 30 minutes away, Robin Hood Airport in Doncaster is 45 minutes away, Leeds-Bradford Airport is an hour away, and Manchester Airport is two hours away.
  • Taxi: A taxi ride from Hull center to the MKM Stadium takes approximately ten minutes and costs around £12.

Parking Near the MKM Stadium

The MKM Stadium offers its own car park on Walton Street, located just across the road from the venue. Parking is available for £5; however, spaces fill up quickly, and post-match departure may take some time. Alternatively, there are numerous public car parks in the city center, but please be cautious of any parking restrictions if choosing on-street parking.

The MKM Stadium Hotels

As the European Capital of Culture for 2017, Hull provides numerous hotel options in the East Riding. Whether you prefer luxury accommodations or budget-friendly options, Hull has something for everyone.

Pubs and Bars Near the MKM Stadium

Hull is known for its vibrant nightlife, offering an array of pubs and bars for visitors to enjoy. As the European Capital of Culture for 2017, the city is brimming with establishments that cater to various tastes. Here are some of our favorite recommendations:

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The MKM Stadium boasts comfortable facilities that meet visitors’ needs during matches. Concession stands offer a variety of refreshments, including pies, chips, and beverages. The concourses also feature stalls where fans can purchase drinks.

  • Prices:
    • Programme: £3
    • Pie: £3.20
    • Cup of tea: £2.20
    • Beer: £3.90


Hull City offers several hospitality options for those seeking an elevated matchday experience. Let’s explore the available packages:

  • Executive Box: Experience football in style with a private executive box. Enjoy padded seating on a balcony, access to a cash bar, and dedicated waiting staff for up to 10 guests.
  • Ambassador Club: Indulge in a four-course fine dining experience at the Circle Restaurant. This package includes excellent seats, lounge bar entertainment, and complimentary drinks. Available on both a seasonal and match-by-match basis.
  • Premier Tiger: Exclusive to full-season purchases, the Premier Tiger package takes place in the Kington Suite. This social affair allows you to mingle with fellow supporters, enjoy executive parking, matchday entertainment, and prime seating locations.
  • Match Sponsorship Options: If you wish to promote your business or brand, consider the Match Sponsorship package. Hosted by a Hull City legend, it offers a behind-the-scenes tour, fine dining, and complimentary drinks.

Private Hire

The MKM Stadium provides various private hire options suitable for meetings, conferences, and social events. From small breakout rooms to larger function spaces, the possibilities are endless. The stadium is even licensed to host weddings, making it an ideal choice for fans looking to tie the knot.

Stadium Tours & Museum

Please note that stadium tours and museum visits are currently on hold. However, you may check for updates and future availability.

While you can’t currently enjoy a behind-the-scenes tour of Hull City AFC and Hull FC’s home ground, it’s an experience to consider when tours resume. The tour typically lasts an hour and encompasses the changing rooms, press area, tunnel, and pitch side. The interactive tour allows fans to be interviewed in front of Match of the Day boards or receive a pep talk in the dressing rooms.

Though the stadium lacks a physical museum, the Hull City Supporters Trust maintains an engaging online museum. Visit their website to explore the fascinating history and heritage of the club.

About Hull City

Hull City AFC was established in 1904, making it a relatively recent addition to the football scene. The city historically favored rugby, so the formation of an association football team faced initial challenges. During the 1904-1905 season, Hull City played friendly matches against interested clubs as they were unable to secure Football League membership. Hull City and Grimsby were granted special permission to play on Christmas Day due to the demands of the fish trade.

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Throughout its history, Hull City primarily resided in the lower divisions of English football. However, in 2008, they achieved promotion to the Premier League by winning the Championship play-off final at Wembley Stadium. After a successful stint in the top flight, they were relegated back to the Championship at the end of the 2014-2015 season. In 2014, Hull City reached the FA Cup final, narrowly losing to Arsenal.

The MKM Stadium History

Constructed over a year at a cost of approximately £44 million, the MKM Stadium became the new home for Hull City in 2002. Additionally, Hull FC relocated from their previous ground, The Boulevard, to the new stadium. The MKM Stadium’s versatility extends beyond football and rugby league, hosting England Under-21 international matches, rugby league test matches, and various music concerts. Legendary artists such as Elton John and The Who have graced the stadium’s stage over the years.

Future Developments

Undoubtedly, the MKM Stadium holds exciting prospects for the future. Plans are underway to expand the capacity of the stadium to 34,000 by adding additional tiers to the East and South Stands. While immediate changes are not on the horizon, the recently acquired stadium naming rights by MKM, a prominent building supplier, may contribute to accelerating future developments.


Q: Can I currently book a stadium tour?
Unfortunately, stadium tours are currently on hold and unavailable. However, stay updated for future availability.

Q: Is there a physical museum at the MKM Stadium?
No, the MKM Stadium does not house a physical museum. However, you can explore the online museum maintained by the Hull City Supporters Trust on their website.

Q: When was Hull City AFC founded?
Hull City AFC was established in 1904, marking its entry into the football world.


The MKM Stadium stands as a proud symbol of Hull City AFC and Hull FC. This multi-purpose facility has played an essential role in the city’s sporting and cultural landscape since its opening in 2002. With plans for future development and an exciting history, the MKM Stadium continues to be a beloved venue for fans, hosting thrilling matches, concerts, and events. To learn more about Hull City AFC and stay connected with the club, visit Movin993, the official website.