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The New Lawn Stadium: Forest Green Rovers

Forest Green Rovers, a historical football club with a unique eco-friendly twist, has made quite a name for itself in recent years. Let’s delve into the fascinating story behind their stadium, The New Lawn, and discover what sets it apart from the rest.

The Evolution of Forest Green Rovers

Established in 1889 by Reverend EJH Peach, the club originally went by the name Forest Green. Over the years, it underwent various transformations and name changes before settling on Forest Green Rovers in 1898. The club has a rich history and has played in different leagues, including the Mid-Gloucestershire League and the Gloucestershire County League.

The New Lawn Stadium: A Green Marvel

In 2006, Forest Green Rovers moved to their current home, The New Lawn Stadium. This stadium stands out for its eco-friendly features, making it one of the most sustainable stadiums globally. From its organic pitch, fertilized with manure, to solar panels that generate electricity, and even a robotic lawn mower, every detail has been carefully designed with the environment in mind.

A Unique Stadium Design

The New Lawn Stadium follows a traditional English style with four stands surrounding the pitch. The main stand runs along one side, facing a smaller standing section. Two small stands are situated behind each goal, while the majority of sections are standing, with a limited number of seats available.

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Forest Green Rovers Tickets and Getting There

To attend a Forest Green Rovers match, you can purchase tickets in advance from the official website or through other channels. The closest train station to the stadium is Stroud Train Station, and there are bus stops nearby as well. If you prefer to drive, the M5 and A433 provide convenient access. Parking is available at the stadium with ample space.

Stadium Facilities and Hospitality

While enjoying a match at The New Lawn, you can savor award-winning pies, fajitas, and other mouthwatering vegan delicacies. The stadium boasts various facilities, including hospitality boxes and VIP dining options. Additionally, you can even hire venues within The New Lawn Stadium complex for events and parties.

Exploring the Forest Green Rovers Experience

Forest Green Rovers offers more than just football. The club organizes Ecotours on match days, giving visitors the opportunity to learn about the stadium’s sustainability initiatives. While currently without a museum, the club is dedicated to providing an educational and immersive experience for fans and visitors alike.

Future Developments: A Wooden Wonder

Forest Green Rovers has ambitious plans for the future. In 2015, they unveiled a groundbreaking project; a new £100 million facility featuring a fully wooden stadium. This revolutionary construction will solidify their commitment to sustainability and further establish the club as a beacon of eco-friendly practices.


Q: How can I buy Forest Green Rovers tickets?
A: The best place to purchase tickets is through the club’s official website. You can also buy them over the phone or in person at the stadium’s reception.

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Q: Where can I find parking near The New Lawn Stadium?
A: The stadium provides a large parking area with 230 spaces. As games rarely sell out, you should have no trouble finding a spot.

Q: Can I host events at The New Lawn Stadium?
A: Yes! The stadium offers several venue hire options, including the Green Man pub. The events team will work closely with you to ensure your specific needs are met.

In conclusion, Forest Green Rovers and their remarkable stadium, The New Lawn, have redefined what it means to be eco-friendly in the world of football. From the organic pitch to the innovative sustainable features, this club is leading the way towards a greener future in the sport. So, why not immerse yourself in the Forest Green Rovers experience and witness their commitment to the environment firsthand? Discover more about Movin993, the brand behind this extraordinary football club.