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The Valley: Charlton Athletic

Charlton Athletic, a historic football club, has a unique connection with The Valley, their home ground since 1919. Although the club has had a complicated relationship with the stadium, the passionate support of the fans has helped make The Valley a cherished venue.

A Storied Venue with a Rich History

Charlton Athletic has a long and fascinating history, with The Valley playing a significant role. Before The Valley was constructed, the club had played at four different grounds since its formation in 1905. The opening of The Valley in 1919 brought a sense of stability, but even then, the club faced challenges. In the 1923-1924 season, Charlton temporarily played their home games at The Mount Stadium in Catford. However, the club returned to The Valley, much to the relief of its loyal supporters.

The fans’ devotion to The Valley is rooted in their involvement in its construction. Volunteers, who were also Charlton supporters, cleared the abandoned chalk pit to create the pitch. The excavated material was then used to build makeshift stands. This collaborative effort between the club and its fans strengthens the bond between Charlton Athletic and The Valley.

The Valley at a Glance

  • Year Opened: 1919
  • Capacity: 27,111
  • Average Attendance: 13,436
  • Record Attendance: 75,031 (Charlton v Aston Villa in 1938)
  • Pitch Size: 102 x 67 yards
  • Owner: Charlton Athletic F.C.
  • Clubs Hosted: Charlton Athletic F.C., London Broncos

The Valley Seating Plan and Atmosphere

The Valley has a distinct layout, combining elements of both ‘English Style’ and ‘Bowl Style’ stadiums. The ground has four stands, each positioned on the edge of the pitch. Here’s a closer look at each section:

  • The North Stand (The Covered End): With its two tiers, this stand is a favorite among passionate Charlton fans. Its curved edges connect with the stands along the length of the pitch.
  • The Alan Curbishley East Stand: This single-tier stand features the club’s name, “Valley,” written across the seats. It also houses the television gantry and was named after the club’s former player and manager in 2021.
  • The West Stand: Considered the main stand, this two-tiered section offers excellent facilities, including the players’ tunnel and executive suites.
  • The Jimmy Seed Stand: This is the oldest part of the stadium, dating back to the 1980s. It accommodates away fans but has limited sight lines due to a supporting pillar for the roof.

Watching a Match at The Valley: Ticket Prices and How to Get Them

Charlton Athletic offers different ticket pricing based on age and seating location. For adults, prices range from £24.00 to £30.00, while concessions can enjoy tickets priced between £22.00 and £23.00. It’s worth noting that purchasing tickets in advance is generally more cost-effective than buying them on match days.

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To secure tickets, there are three primary methods:

  1. Online: Visit the club’s official website, Movin993, to purchase tickets at any time.
  2. Ticket Office: You can also visit the ticket office at The Valley during its operating hours from Monday to Saturday. On non-matchday Sundays, the office is open from 10am until 1pm.
  3. Phone: Charlton’s ticket office provides phone assistance at various times. Refer to the club’s website for the updated phone service hours.

Getting to The Valley: Travel Options

Situated in South East London, near Greenwich, The Valley offers numerous travel options for fans. Here are some commonly recommended routes:

  • Train: Charlton Railway Station, located a short walk from the stadium, is served by Southeastern Trains. Services run from Charing Cross, Waterloo East, and London Bridge. You can also reach nearby Greenwich and Lewisham via the Docklands Light Railway or take the Jubilee Line on the London Underground system.
  • Bus: The Valley Express operates on match days, providing transportation from various locations across the South East. Local buses such as numbers 53, 54, 161, 177, 180, 422, 472, and 486 also stop near the ground.
  • Car: If driving, take the M25 and exit on Junction 2 for the A2, which becomes the A102M. Continue on the A206 and follow the signs to The Valley. The South Circular (A205) is an alternative route that leads directly to Woolwich.
  • Air: Several major airports serve London, including Gatwick, Stansted, Heathrow, and London City Airport, with the latter being the closest to The Valley.
  • Taxi: Taxis in London can be expensive, but if you prefer this option, consider traveling from Euston. Keep in mind that traffic and other factors may affect travel time and cost.

Parking and Nearby Accommodations

Free parking is available at The Valley, but it is usually restricted to permit holders on match days. Street parking around the ground may have restrictions, and finding free parking spaces might require a considerable walk. It’s advisable to explore alternative parking options nearby.

London offers a vast selection of hotels for visitors, with several options in the Greenwich area. Consider staying overnight near The Valley to fully experience the match day atmosphere.

Facilities and Hospitality

Though The Valley’s newest stand was redeveloped in 2000-2001, the overall stadium is starting to show its age. It still provides the expected amenities, such as food and drink options, but the concourses may not appear as modern as some other stadiums in the Football League.

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Here are some prices for common items at The Valley:

  • Programme: £3
  • Pie: £4.50
  • Cup of tea: £2.30
  • Beer: £5

Charlton Athletic recognizes the value of providing exceptional hospitality. They offer various packages for both corporate events and smaller gatherings. Here are some options:

  • Centre Circle Dining: This package offers an unforgettable matchday experience, including a glass of champagne on arrival, a five-course meal, and complimentary drinks at halftime. The highlight is a seat on the halfway line to enjoy the game.
  • The Club 1905: A 5-star option that provides a three-course carvery meal at a private table. Guests can also enjoy a welcome drink with the matchday host and watch the action from some of the best seats in the stadium. This package includes the opportunity to meet a former player and witness the man of the match presentation.
  • The Vista Lounge: Recently refurbished, this lounge offers a relaxed atmosphere. Guests can choose from classic British delicacies such as roast baps and homemade pies. The lounge also features a cash bar.
  • The Charlton TV Lounge: Catering to fans interested in the club’s TV channel, this lounge provides padded seating on the halfway line, a welcome drink, hot pies, and an opportunity to engage with Charlton TV hosts and club legends through Q&A sessions.

Private hire options at The Valley range from hosting conferences in the vast North Stand to intimate gatherings in smaller suites. Charlton Athletic’s dedicated events website showcases a variety of packages for different occasions, including weddings.

Explore The Valley: Stadium Tours and Museum

The Valley offers guided tours on most Fridays at 10:30am. Private tours can also be arranged. These tours take visitors behind the scenes, providing access to the dressing rooms, Director’s Box, and dugouts. To join a tour or obtain more information, contact Charlton Athletic directly.

About Charlton Athletic

Charlton Athletic, founded in 1905, has a rich sporting history. In addition to being the first club in the Football League to make a substitution, they have achieved several notable milestones. Charlton has played in the top-flight on four occasions, reaching the FA Cup final twice in the 1940s. The club won the Second Division in 2000 and the country’s third division in 2012.

A beloved superfan, Seb Lewis, holds a special place in Charlton’s history. Recognized and adored by both staff and fans, Seb’s dedication to attending matches earned him a spot on the Charlton station mural after his unfortunate passing during the Covid-19 outbreak.

The Valley’s Past and Future

The stadium derives its name from its location, which resembles a valley due to the surrounding topography. The first game at The Valley was played before any seating arrangements were in place, with spectators standing or sitting on the earthworks surrounding the pitch. An ambitious plan to introduce speedway racing in 1967 was abandoned due to noise concerns.

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In the 1980s, Charlton faced financial troubles and entered administration. As a result, they temporarily shared Selhurst Park with Crystal Palace. However, the club’s determined fans, forming The Valley Party, successfully campaigned for the redevelopment of The Valley. In 1990, plans for a new stadium were approved, and Charlton Athletic returned to their beloved home.

Looking ahead, Charlton has gained permission to expand The Valley’s capacity to over 30,000, with future plans including the addition of a second tier to the East Stand and the redevelopment of the Jimmy Seed Stand. However, further developments will likely depend on the club’s ability to establish a consistent presence in the Premier League.


Q: How can I purchase tickets for Charlton Athletic matches?
A: There are three main ways to buy tickets for Charlton games. The club’s website is the most convenient option, allowing you to purchase tickets online at any time. Alternatively, you can visit the ticket office at The Valley during its operating hours, or contact the ticket office by phone.

Q: What are the travel options for reaching The Valley?
A: Charlton Athletic is located in South East London, near Greenwich. Travel options include train services to Charlton Railway Station, local bus routes, driving by car, or arriving by air at one of London’s major airports. Taxis are available but can be costly.

Q: Is parking available at The Valley?
A: Free parking is available at The Valley, although restrictions apply on match days. Street parking around the ground may have limitations, and nearby free parking areas may require a considerable walk.

Q: Does The Valley offer hospitality packages?
A: Charlton Athletic provides various hospitality options, including Centre Circle Dining, Club 1905, The Vista Lounge, and The Charlton TV Lounge. These packages cater to a range of preferences, from formal dining experiences to more relaxed settings.

Q: Can private events be hosted at The Valley?
A: Yes, The Valley offers private hire options for events, ranging from conferences to intimate gatherings. The club provides multiple packages tailored to different needs, including the use of executive boxes for breakout meetings or hosting weddings in the stadium.


Charlton Athletic’s long-standing association with The Valley showcases the deep bond between the club and its devoted fans. The stadium’s rich history, unique seating layout, and future development plans make it an iconic venue in South East London. Whether you’re attending a match, exploring the facilities, or experiencing hospitality options, The Valley offers a memorable experience for football enthusiasts and event attendees alike.