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The Yashin Trophy: Celebrating the Best Goalkeepers in the World

Spain’s victory over England in the 2023 Women’s World Cup final marked an important moment for European women’s football. But while team achievements often take the spotlight, individual players also have opportunities for recognition. One such accolade is the Yashin Trophy, an award exclusively dedicated to the best goalkeepers in the world.

What is the Yashin Trophy?

The Yashin Trophy is named after Lev Yashin, a legendary Russian goalkeeper widely regarded as one of the greatest to have ever played the game. This award, which was first introduced in 2019, celebrates the outstanding performance and contributions of goalkeepers on a global scale. It is presented at the Ballon d’Or ceremony, the pinnacle event for recognizing excellence in football.

Notable Winners of the Yashin Trophy

Since its inception, several laudable goalkeepers have been honored with the Yashin Trophy. Alisson Becker, the Brazilian shot-stopper for Liverpool, claimed the inaugural award in 2019. Gianluigi Donnarumma, the Italian goalkeeper now playing for Paris Saint-Germain, took home the trophy in 2021. Thibaut Courtois, the Belgian custodian for Real Madrid, emerged victorious in 2022.

The Significance of the Yashin Trophy

The introduction of the Yashin Trophy addresses the perceived bias towards attacking players in major individual awards like the Ballon d’Or. By solely recognizing the exceptional skills of goalkeepers, this award acknowledges their vital contributions to the game. It highlights their unique role in defending the net and showcases their influence on match outcomes.

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How is the Yashin Trophy Winner Determined?

The Yashin Trophy winner is chosen through a points-based system. A panel of expert journalists from FIFA-affiliated nations casts votes based on their assessment of the shortlisted goalkeepers. The player with the highest total score is crowned the Yashin Trophy recipient. The competition can be fierce, as every vote counts towards the final outcome.

The Kopa Trophy: Celebrating Young Talent

Another esteemed award presented at the Ballon d’Or ceremony is the Kopa Trophy. This honor recognizes the best young player under the age of 21. Previous winners include rising stars like Gavi, Pedri, and Matthias De Ligt. The voting process for the Kopa Trophy involves past Ballon d’Or winners who rank their top three choices.


Q: Who is the Yashin Trophy named after?
A: The Yashin Trophy is named after Lev Yashin, a legendary Russian goalkeeper.

Q: When was the Yashin Trophy first introduced?
A: The Yashin Trophy was first introduced in 2019.

Q: Who won the Yashin Trophy in its inaugural year?
A: Alisson Becker, the Brazilian goalkeeper for Liverpool, won the Yashin Trophy in 2019.

Q: How is the Yashin Trophy winner determined?
A: The Yashin Trophy winner is determined through a points-based voting system by a panel of expert journalists.

Q: What is the Kopa Trophy?
A: The Kopa Trophy is awarded to the best young player under 21 years of age. It is also presented at the Ballon d’Or ceremony.


The Yashin Trophy is a prestigious award dedicated to recognizing the best goalkeepers in the world. It acknowledges the vital role goalkeepers play in the game and provides them with well-deserved recognition. The trophy, named after the legendary Lev Yashin, is presented at the Ballon d’Or ceremony alongside the Kopa Trophy, which celebrates young talent. As the football community eagerly awaits the next Yashin Trophy winner, the world continues to appreciate the remarkable skills and contributions of goalkeepers worldwide.

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