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What Is a Libero In Soccer?


Soccer is a complex game, with various positions such as forwards, midfielders, defenders, and goalkeepers. However, as the game has evolved, these positions have become more specialized. One such specialized defensive player is known as a libero.

The Role of a Libero

A libero in soccer is a defender whose main position is behind the rest of the defensive players, closer to the goal. The term “libero” means “free” in Italian, and it shares many responsibilities with what English-speaking soccer fans call a sweeper.

Unfamiliar Term

If you’re not familiar with old-school Italian soccer or Italian culture, you might not have heard of the term libero. Over time, it has fallen out of fashion due to changes in teams’ style of play.

The Offside Rule and the Decline of the Libero

The decline of the libero position can be attributed to the offside rule, which made it less advantageous to have a single defender hanging back close to the goal. The offside trap, a defensive maneuver used by teams, exploits this rule by rushing towards the attacking team’s side of the field.

Karl Rappan’s Influence

The libero position originated in Switzerland under the management of Karl Rappan, who had an incredibly defensive style of play. His influence on Italian soccer led to the naming of this position as libero.

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The Italian Libero

The term libero was coined by Gianni Brera, an Italian sports journalist. It refers to a player who is “free from marking commitments” and doesn’t have the sole responsibility of defending against a specific player. Brera is well-loved in the Italian soccer community, and his term for the defensive player stuck around.

The Libero and the Sweeper

The libero and the sweeper positions are similar but not identical. A sweeper can also play as a defensive midfielder. These terms are similar, but the context defines their specific roles.

Responsibilities and Evolution

The roles and responsibilities of the libero have changed over time. Initially, the libero focused on picking up after teammates and intercepting passes from the attacking team. Now, they play a role in organizing the defense and can become deep-seated playmakers, pushing forward into the midfield while retaining possession.


Q: Are the libero and sweeper positions the same?
A: The libero and sweeper positions are similar, but they are not always identical.

Q: What are the responsibilities of a libero?
A: Liberos are defenders who focus on organizing the defense, intercepting passes, and pushing forward into the midfield.

Q: Why has the libero position declined in popularity?
A: The decline of the libero position can be attributed to changes in teams’ style of play and the exploitation of the offside rule.


As with any sport, soccer has evolved over time. Positions and playing styles have changed, and the libero and sweeper positions are not as prominent as before. However, the game continues to innovate and excite players and fans alike. Let’s embrace the evolving nature of soccer and look forward to the future of the game.

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