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What Should a Soccer Coach Wear?

Jose Mourinho

Soccer coaches have long been under scrutiny for their choice of attire, as it reflects their style and approach to the game. Different countries have their own preferences, with tracksuits being popular in Italy and Western Europe, while suits are considered fashionable in England. In this article, we will explore the various outfits that soccer coaches can wear at different levels. Let’s dive in!

Youth Soccer

Soccer Coach with Kids

Youth soccer coaches play a vital role in spotting and nurturing young talent. For these coaches, comfort and practicality are key. The most common outfit choice is a tracksuit made from waterproof material, ensuring they stay warm and dry during training sessions and matches. Many coaches also opt for “manager jackets” for added protection against the elements. However, some coaches prefer shorts and t-shirts for increased mobility during training.

Professional Coaches

Pep Guardiola

Professional coaches have their own preferences when it comes to attire. While tracksuits remain popular, especially in colder climates, some coaches prefer a more stylish look during matches. Shirt and tie combinations or full suits are common choices, often associated with coaches who prefer to be referred to as “managers” rather than head coaches. The likes of Sir Alex Ferguson have famously sported suits during their tenure. Waistcoats have also made a comeback in recent years, with Gareth Southgate’s iconic World Cup appearance inspiring other coaches.

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Cup Finals

Soccer Coach at a Cup Final

In most cases, what coaches wear is not a significant concern as long as they feel comfortable. However, England holds a tradition where coaches are expected to dress smartly for the FA Cup final at Wembley Stadium. This rule has occasionally been broken, leading to controversy. While some support a more relaxed approach to coaching attire, others view it as disrespectful, especially considering the presence of royalty at the match.

Does It Really Matter?

In the grand scheme of things, the choice of attire for soccer coaches is not of utmost importance. What truly matters is that coaches feel comfortable and confident in their clothing, allowing them to perform at their best. It should not be forced upon them to wear specific outfits that may hinder their coaching methods. While tradition is valuable, it should be upheld by those who genuinely believe in it, rather than imposed on others. Ultimately, the best outfit for a coach is one that allows them to get fully involved in the action and support their team effectively.


Q: Are there any dress code guidelines for soccer coaches at all levels?

A: There are no strict dress code guidelines for soccer coaches at all levels. Coaches are generally free to choose attire that provides comfort and mobility.

Q: Can youth soccer coaches wear shorts and t-shirts?

A: Absolutely! Many youth soccer coaches prefer shorts and t-shirts for increased flexibility and ease of movement during training sessions.

Q: Are there any specific rules for soccer coaches at cup finals?

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A: In England, coaches are expected to dress smartly for the FA Cup final and should not wear tracksuits. However, this rule has been broken in the past, leading to differing opinions and controversy.


While the choice of attire for soccer coaches may draw attention and debate, it ultimately comes down to personal preference and comfort. Whether it’s tracksuits, suits, or waistcoats, coaches should focus on what allows them to perform their best on the field. As long as they feel confident and at ease, what they wear should not hinder their coaching abilities. So, coaches, find an outfit that suits you and get ready to lead your team to victory!

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