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Where Do Pro Soccer Players Live?


Soccer fans are often curious about where their favorite players live and spend most of their time during their playing career. While some players are open about their living arrangements, others prefer to keep it private.

The Living Arrangements of Pro Soccer Players

Many established players choose to own a home in the same metropolitan area as their club team. Additionally, these players often own a property in their home country or a tax haven area where they can retreat when needed. On the other hand, younger players or those with new teams tend to opt for renting a place close to the training facility.

How Young Players Live in Professional Soccer

Young players who show potential are provided with accommodations by the top academies. These accommodations are not only for their training but also for their living arrangements. The academies also assist professional players who may be living away from their families.

For young players starting out, owning or renting a place near the training facility is common. It helps them maintain discipline and allows them to experience urban living. Some younger players choose to live with their families during their initial years, as it brings some normalcy to their routine. This is especially true for players under the age of 20.

Teams often guide their younger players away from areas with a vibrant nightlife to ensure they stay out of trouble. However, players may still find time to go out occasionally if they wish to.

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How Older, Established Players Live


Older players, on the other hand, tend to plan for the long term. They may have accumulated enough savings and started investing, allowing them more freedom in their choices. Many older players are also settling down with their partners and children, making them more likely to buy a permanent home instead of renting.

Older players often leave their families back home when they are playing in a different city. They want to provide a sense of stability for their children, especially if they are in school. While they may have a second place to stay nearby, it is usually rented.

However, not all older players make long-term investments. Some prefer having a home base while going from club to club. The decision usually depends on their financial situation.

Reasons for Living Away from Club Cities

Soccer players earn enough money to live anywhere in the world. Sometimes, players choose to live in countries with no connection to their upbringing or playing experience. There are two main reasons for such decisions.

Firstly, some players simply prefer living in a particular area because they like it. For example, a player from Europe might choose to live on the beach in Miami due to its ambiance and lifestyle. They might have loose connections to the area but are primarily attracted to its offerings.

Secondly, tax purposes influence the choices of many players. Soccer players earn significant amounts of money, which means higher tax liabilities depending on their place of residence. Some players move to tax havens like Monte Carlo in Europe or states like Florida and Texas in the United States, which have no state income tax. This allows them to save a substantial amount of money.

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While players still pay taxes in every location they earn money, living in an area with lower overall taxes is advantageous.

Do Soccer Players Live in the Cities They Play For?


It is essential for players to quickly find a place to live when they join a new team. Transfers, loans, and trades happen regularly, and players must adjust rapidly. Most teams have Player Liaison Officers who assist new players in finding suitable temporary housing, such as rental properties or hotels.

Each player has different needs and circumstances. If a player is likely to stay with a team for less than a year, it is more practical to live in a hotel rather than purchase a home. Temporary living arrangements in hotels allow players to avoid the hassle of selling a property later on.

The Evolving Landscape of Soccer Housing

With the increasing salaries in top leagues, soccer players now have greater financial flexibility. It is not uncommon for veteran players to own multiple homes around the world. These properties cater to their preferences for convenience or tranquility away from the pitch.


Question 1: Do soccer players have a say in where they live?

Yes, soccer players have the freedom to choose where they live. However, some factors, such as club requirements, financial considerations, and family circumstances, may influence their decisions.

Question 2: How do soccer players handle housing during the offseason?

During the offseason, some players choose to return to their permanent homes, while others may travel or rent a temporary residence in a desirable location.

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Question 3: Are there any restrictions on where soccer players can live?

Generally, soccer players can live anywhere they desire. However, they must consider travel logistics and club commitments when selecting their place of residence.


Soccer players’ living arrangements vary depending on their stage of career, financial situation, and personal preferences. While some players choose to own homes in the same city as their club, others prefer living in different countries for various reasons. With their increased earnings, players now have more options for housing, allowing them to create a comfortable and convenient lifestyle. Visit Movin993 for more insights into the world of soccer.