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Why Cristiano Ronaldo is Called CR7?

Cristiano Ronaldo

Soccer players who reach great heights of success often acquire memorable nicknames. And for Cristiano Ronaldo, one particular nickname has become synonymous with his career – CR7. But why is he called CR7? Let’s dive into the story behind this famous moniker.

The History of Cristiano Ronaldo and #7

Cristiano Ronaldo’s connection with the number 7 began during his time with Manchester United. The number 7 jersey holds great significance at the club, previously worn by legends like David Beckham and George Best. Sir Alex Ferguson, the manager of Manchester United at that time, had immense faith in Ronaldo’s abilities, and he certainly lived up to the expectations.

Ronaldo’s affinity towards the number 7 grew stronger, leading him to switch to the same number while playing for the Portuguese national team. However, when he joined Real Madrid in 2009, he had to temporarily switch to the number 9 as Raul, a club legend, already occupied the number 7. But as soon as Raul retired, Ronaldo reclaimed his beloved number.

Nike and the CR7 Nickname

One of the reasons why CR7 became so popular can be attributed to Nike. They played a significant role in establishing the CR7 brand by incorporating it in their advertising campaigns featuring Cristiano Ronaldo. Nike drew inspiration from their previous campaign with another Ronaldo, the Brazilian forward, who was known as R9.

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Today, the CR7 brand has evolved into an entire merchandise line endorsed by Cristiano Ronaldo. From fragrances to underwear, his nickname has become a symbol of his success and unique style.

Other Nicknames Used for Cristiano Ronaldo

While CR7 is undoubtedly the most recognizable nickname for Cristiano Ronaldo, he has been called by a few other monikers as well.

  • G.O.A.T.: An acronym for the “Greatest Of All Time,” this term is often debated among soccer enthusiasts. Cristiano Ronaldo’s name frequently appears alongside this title, as he has left an indelible mark on the sport.

  • The Little Bee: During his younger days, Ronaldo was sometimes referred to as “The Little Bee” due to his small stature and lightning-fast speed. Despite being smaller than many players, he proved to be a formidable opponent.

  • El Bicho: In Spanish, this nickname translates to “bug.” It portrays Ronaldo as a pesky player who constantly troubles the opposing team.

  • El Comma Donte: This nickname arose from a playful incident in 2013 when FIFA president Sepp Blatter favored Lionel Messi over Ronaldo. Reacting to Blatter’s comment about him acting like a commander on the field, Ronaldo celebrated a goal with a military salute, earning himself the title “El Comma Donte.”

  • Cristiano: Sometimes, the nickname Cristiano highlights his uniqueness, allowing him to stand out among the other Ronaldos in the soccer world. He has also been called Ronnie, Cris, Ron, and CR, as a way to shorten his seven-syllable full name.

Why is a Nickname for Cristiano Ronaldo Important?

To avoid confusion with the Brazilian soccer player Ronaldo, Cristiano Ronaldo rarely goes by his last name alone. He understands the significance of respect and avoids causing any public relations issues. Cristiano Ronaldo acknowledges the legacy of the previous Ronaldo and opts for a distinctive nickname.

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What Will Cristiano Ronaldo Be Remembered As?

Even after his retirement, Cristiano Ronaldo’s legacy will endure. While he may not have a defining nickname like some other soccer greats, the iconic CR7 will forever symbolize his impact on the sport. It’s concise, memorable, and immediately recognizable to soccer fans worldwide.


Q: How did Cristiano Ronaldo get the number 7?

A: Cristiano Ronaldo initially wore the number 28 jersey when he started his career with Sporting Lisbon. However, when he joined Manchester United, he was presented with the number 7 jersey, a highly prestigious number at the club. Ronaldo performed exceptionally well while wearing this number, solidifying its significance in his career.

Q: What does CR7 stand for?

A: CR7 combines Cristiano Ronaldo’s initials, “CR,” with his preferred number, 7. He has been fortunate enough to wear the number 7 throughout most of his career, and it has become a symbol of luck and success for the Portuguese footballer.

Q: What is Cristiano Ronaldo’s full name?

A: Cristiano Ronaldo’s full name is Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro.


Cristiano Ronaldo’s nickname, CR7, has become an integral part of his legendary career. From his connection to the number 7 to Nike’s influence on his brand, everything has contributed to the nickname’s popularity. Despite being called by various other monikers, CR7 remains the quintessential symbol of Cristiano Ronaldo’s impact on the sport of soccer. For more information about Cristiano Ronaldo and his incredible journey, visit Movin993.

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