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Why Soccer Players Wear Sport Bras

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Women’s soccer players have been wearing sports bras for years, but recently there has been an increase in men wearing them as well. Despite being some of the fittest athletes in the world, soccer players choose to wear sports bras for specific reasons. Let’s explore why soccer players opt for this athletic gear.

Tracking & Strategy

Teams are always looking for ways to gain a competitive edge by gathering information on their players. Wearable technology has become an exciting option in this pursuit. Unlike traditional devices such as watches, sports bras equipped with technology provide a safer and more accurate way to track player movements. With tracking capability as high as 10 Hertz, teams can have a better understanding of player positions during practices and matches.

Health & Fitness

Fitness watches are popular among the general population, offering basic information such as calories burned and heart rate. However, sports bras with monitoring technology provide soccer players and teams with much more detailed information. Players can track their fitness levels based on factors like fatigue and recovery from injuries. In a sport where teams often have to play multiple matches a week, this information becomes crucial when making decisions about starting lineups. Medical staff can also rely on this data to determine a player’s readiness to return after an injury.

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Comfort and Performance

Contrary to what one might expect, both male and female soccer players have embraced sports bras with monitoring technology. These bras are designed to be comfortable and non-obtrusive, fitting like thin undershirts that cover only a portion of the chest. In fact, some players have found that wearing sports bras helps prevent nipple chafing, which can be painful. The technology is discreetly integrated into the fabric, ensuring that it doesn’t hinder the player’s performance.

The Origin of Sports Bras in Soccer

The popularity of sports bras in soccer can be traced back to a memorable moment in sports history. Brandi Chastain, a star player on the USA women’s national soccer team, celebrated her game-winning goal in the 1999 World Cup by removing her shirt and revealing her sports bra. While this act garnered attention, it also brought sports bras into the spotlight. Today, sports bras for women have become lighter, more supportive, and specifically designed for different types of athletics. Some even come with integrated tracking technology, allowing women to wear a regular-looking sports bra while still collecting data.

The Future of Sports Tracking Technology

As sports technology continues to evolve, it remains to be seen whether sports bras will remain the go-to solution for tracking and monitoring. While they are currently at the forefront of innovation, there may be opportunities to place technology in other areas of athletic gear. For now, soccer players and teams will continue to rely on sports bras with monitoring technology. Leading companies in the field are continuously pushing the boundaries of innovation to make these devices even more comfortable and effective.

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  • Q: Are sports bras with monitoring technology comfortable to wear during soccer matches?

    • A: Yes, these sports bras are designed to be non-obtrusive and offer a comfortable fit, allowing players to focus on the game without distractions.
  • Q: Can sports bras with integrated tracking technology prevent nipple chafing?

    • A: Yes, wearing a sports bra can help prevent nipple chafing, making it a practical choice for athletes.


Sports bras with monitoring technology have become an essential tool for soccer players, offering valuable data for tracking performance and enhancing strategy. These bras are comfortable, non-intrusive, and provide athletes and teams with valuable insights into fitness levels and recovery. As sports technology continues to advance, sports bras are likely to remain a top choice for tracking and monitoring in soccer.