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5 Best Leather Soccer Cleats

leather soccer cleats

New soccer cleat materials come and go, but one option remains timeless and favored by many – leather. Despite the availability of more durable alternatives, leather cleats offer unparalleled comfort and playability. In this article, we will explore the five best leather soccer cleats currently on the market.

1. Nike Tiempo Legend 9

Nike Tiempo Legend 9

The Nike Tiempo Legend series continues to be a favorite among professional players. What sets these cleats apart is Nike’s ability to strike a balance between simplicity and innovation. The Tiempo Legend 9, in particular, is praised for its lightweight design and low profile, making it ideal for attacking players. The impeccable technology incorporated into the shoe enhances dribbling, passing, and shooting ability. With multiple color options to choose from, the Nike Tiempo line guarantees high quality for advanced players.


  • Very lightweight
  • Easy to make cuts
  • Low profile


  • Expensive
  • Not the most durable

2. Adidas Copa Sense

Adidas Copa Sense

The Adidas Copa Sense is renowned for its high quality and excellent ball control. This cleat provides the comfort that comes with leather while delivering top-notch performance. Thanks to the innovative SensePods foam, players experience enhanced stability and softness, particularly in the heel area. The TouchPods in the front of the shoe contribute to superior ball receiving and control, making it a premium choice for leather cleat enthusiasts. Available in both laced and laceless options, the Adidas Copa Sense caters to individual preferences.

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  • Excellent maneuverability
  • Great feel when controlling the ball
  • Laced and laceless options


  • Expensive
  • Some complaints of tightness for those with wide feet

3. Puma King Platinum 21

The Puma King Platinum 21 represents a modern upgrade to the classic Puma King line. This sleek and simple cleat is favored by top-level players due to its impeccable design and exceptional K-Leather material. The King Platinum 21 boasts one of the softest and most comfortable leathers available in the market. KingForm technology, with its rib structure, enhances touch and responsiveness, allowing players to excel in ball control across the field. Puma’s reputation in the soccer world has been revitalized with the highly acclaimed King Platinum 21.


  • Simplistic look
  • Outstanding K-Leather
  • Added durability


  • Limited color choices
  • Expensive

4. Umbro Tocco Club

Umbro Tocco Club

Considered the best budget leather boots on the market, the Umbro Tocco Club offers a winning combination of comfort and performance. Umbro has made significant improvements in this version, catering to different player types. The knitted collar ensures a better fit, and adjustments in the heel provide optimal stability. The stud placement has also been refined for improved grip and endurance. Despite its affordability, the Umbro Tocco Club delivers reliable performance for players in the developmental stage.


  • Extremely affordable
  • Improved fit
  • Enhanced durability


  • Not designed for top-of-the-line players
  • Limited color choices

5. Adidas Kaiser 5 Liga

For those seeking a classic and nostalgic look and feel, the Adidas Kaiser 5 Liga is an ideal choice. Despite its retro design, this cleat leverages full-grain leather and modern technology to meet the demands of the contemporary game. Adidas has managed to keep the price affordable while ensuring optimal comfort with a fast-drying lining. The Adidas Kaiser 5 Liga is not only suitable for matches but also serves as a reliable practice shoe. It strikes the perfect balance between style and performance.

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  • Old-school look
  • Improved leather quality
  • Lighter than expected


  • Not favored by high-end players in matches
  • Limited size availability


  1. Are leather cleats still worth wearing?
    Soccer players have personal preferences when it comes to footwear. While leather cleats offer exceptional comfort and ball feel, top-level players prioritize speed and lightweight options. However, advancements in leather cleat technology have made them lighter and more suitable for competitive play. For those who appreciate the feel of leather, investing in leather cleats remains a worthy choice.


Choosing the right soccer cleats is crucial for optimal performance on the field. Leather cleats continue to be a popular choice due to their comfort and playability. The Nike Tiempo Legend 9, Adidas Copa Sense, Puma King Platinum 21, Umbro Tocco Club, and Adidas Kaiser 5 Liga are among the top leather cleats available. Each offers unique features and benefits to cater to players’ specific needs. Whether you prioritize lightweight design, ball control, or affordability, there is a leather cleat that suits your preferences. Explore the options and elevate your game with the perfect pair of leather soccer cleats.

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