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The Fattest Soccer Players: Celebrating Legends and Unforgettable Characters

Fat Soccer Player

Being fat is not typically associated with soccer players. However, throughout its history, the game has seen players of all shapes and sizes make a mark on the field. In this article, we will take a closer look at ten of the most memorable and distinctive players who have left their mark on the sport. From legendary stars to lower league heroes, these players have made a lasting impact on the game. So, let’s dive right in and explore who the fattest soccer players ever are.

10. Jon Parkin: The Journeyman Striker

Jon Parkin

We begin our list with the notable lower-league journeyman, Jon Parkin. Although he never quite broke into the Premier League, Parkin played for over 15 teams throughout his career, accumulating over 500 appearances. While not known for his prolific goal-scoring, Parkin had his moments and netted a total of 190 career goals. Notably, towards the end of his playing days, he had an impressive spell at York City, scoring 36 goals in just under 70 games.

9. Jeroen Verhoeven: The Dutch Goalkeeper

Jeroen Verhoeven

Next on our list is Jeroen Verhoeven, a Dutch goalkeeper who played for various teams in the Netherlands. He is best known for his stint at FC Volendam, where his performances earned him a move to Ajax. Although he only made four appearances for Ajax, Verhoeven continued his career with other clubs before retiring in 2017.

8. Jan Molby: The Danish Midfielder

Jan Molby

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Jan Molby, a Danish midfielder, stands out as one of the few players on this list to have achieved success at the highest level. He started his career with Kolding before catching the attention of Ajax, where he made 57 appearances. Molby then made a significant move to Liverpool, where he played a pivotal role in the team’s triumphs in the late 1980s and early 1990s. After retiring in 1998, Molby also had a brief career in management.

7. Neville Southall: The Welsh Goalkeeper

Neville Southall

Neville Southall, one of the finest goalkeepers to represent Wales, enjoyed a remarkable career playing for various teams. He began his journey with Llandudno FC before moving to Everton, where he made over 500 appearances. Southall’s contributions to Everton earned him a special place in the hearts of the club’s fans. After leaving Everton, he continued to make appearances for several more teams before retiring in 2002.

6. Wayne Shaw: The Iconic Player

Wayne Shaw

Wayne Shaw’s story gained international attention and became synonymous with the chant “who ate all the pies.” Originally a central forward, Shaw transitioned to become a beloved goalkeeper in non-league football. However, it was during his time with Sutton United that he became a global sensation. While sitting on the bench during an FA Cup tie against Arsenal, Shaw was caught on camera eating a pie, much to the delight of fans worldwide. This act, intended as part of a betting stunt, ultimately led to Shaw’s ban from the sport after a 27-year career.

5. William ‘Fatty’ Foulkes: The Remarkable Goalkeeper

Possibly the first soccer player remembered solely for his weight, William ‘Fatty’ Foulkes played during the late 1800s and early 1900s. Despite being ridiculed by rival players and fans, Foulkes thrived on the pitch. He made nearly 300 appearances for Sheffield United, becoming a club legend. Foulkes also had stints at Chelsea and Bradford City before earning one England cap in 1897.

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4. Tomas Brolin: The Swedish Star

Tomas Brolin

Tomas Brolin’s career started with promise as he showcased his talent at local clubs in Sweden. His performances caught the attention of European clubs, and he eventually moved to Parma in Italy’s Serie A. Brolin’s best years were unfortunately marred by injuries and illnesses, and he struggled to replicate his initial success. He retired in 1998, having experienced a decline in form and weight gain.

3. Adebayo Akinfenwa: The Powerful Striker

Adebayo Akinfenwa

Adebayo Akinfenwa, a famous English striker, gained notoriety for his strength and power on the pitch. Known for his physicality, he was once the highest-rated player in FIFA for strength. Akinfenwa made his mark at AFC Wimbledon and later moved on to Wycombe Wanderers, where he scored 52 goals in over 200 appearances. His intimidating presence and ability to unsettle opponents made him a respected and formidable player.

2. Steve McNulty: The Dominant Defender

Steve McNulty

Steve McNulty, a central defender, left a lasting impression in the lower divisions of English soccer. Despite initial doubts about his pace and physique, McNulty proved his critics wrong with his exceptional reading of the game. He guided both Luton Town and Tranmere Rovers out of the non-league system, gaining legendary status at both clubs. While his career eventually took him to York City and non-league football, McNulty continued to impress.

1. Ronaldo (R9): The Legendary Brazilian


Ronaldo, commonly referred to as R9, is not the ‘fattest’ player in terms of weight. However, he gained the nickname ‘fat Ronaldo’ due to his weight gain during his retirement years. Considered one of the greatest players in history, Ronaldo thrilled fans with his unparalleled natural ability. Despite his struggles with injuries towards the end of his career, he remains a highly talented individual on and off the field.

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Q: Who is the ‘fattest’ soccer player to have ever played?
A: While this article celebrates players of all shapes and sizes, it’s important to note that the term ‘fat’ is subjective and can be misleading. The players mentioned here had various body types but left lasting impressions on the game.

Q: Did being ‘fat’ affect the performance of these players?
A: Body size and weight do not necessarily determine a player’s skill or impact on the game. Many of the players listed here achieved significant success, proving that talent and passion can overcome physical stereotypes.

Q: Are there other players who could be considered for this list?
A: The world of soccer is vast, and there have been many players with unique body types who have made their mark. This article focuses on ten notable individuals, but there are undoubtedly more stories waiting to be told.


Soccer is a sport that welcomes athletes of all shapes, sizes, and backgrounds. The players mentioned in this article have defied stereotypes and left an indelible mark on the game. From lower-league journeymen to international superstars, they have shown that success comes in various forms. Let’s celebrate their contributions and remember that true talent transcends appearances. To learn more about the world of soccer, visit Movin993, your go-to source for all things soccer.