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Twerton Park: Bath City

Welcome to the fascinating world of Twerton Park, the home of Bath City Football Club. In this article, we will explore the rich history and unique features of this iconic stadium. From its humble beginnings as a recreational park to its transformation into a football ground, Twerton Park has become a symbol of community and sporting excellence.

A Brief History

Twerton Park, named after the surrounding area, was established in 1932 when Bath City began playing their games there. Initially, the location was known as Innox Park, a serene green space donated to the community by Thomas Carr. Over the years, the stadium has undergone various developments to accommodate its dedicated fanbase and enhance the matchday experience.

Bath City: A Legacy in Non-League Football

Bath City, originally founded as Bath AFC in 1899, has been a prominent club in the lower leagues of English football. Affectionately called the Romans, they have achieved notable successes, including winning the Somerset Cup and the Southern League. The team has attracted talented players like Bobby Zamora and Ian Black, further solidifying its reputation in the non-league football scene.

Twerton Park: Facts and Figures

  • Year Opened: 1932
  • Capacity: 8,840 (Physical Capacity), 3,528 (Reduced Capacity)
  • Average Attendance: 1,562
  • Record Attendance: 18,020 (Bath City vs Brighton, 09/01/1960)
  • Pitch Size: 101 x 69 (6969)
  • Clubs Hosted: Bath City, Bath City women, Bristol Rovers, Team Bath, Bristol City Women
  • First Fixture: Bath City vs Bristol Rovers Reserves (27/08/1932)
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Explore Twerton Park: Seating and Facilities

Twerton Park offers a range of seating options across its five distinct areas. The Grand Stand is the centerpiece, providing a prime view of the action, while the Popular Side is renowned for its passionate supporters. The Bath End is dedicated to home fans and offers a vibrant matchday experience. Families and young supporters can enjoy the Family Stand, while away fans gather at the Bristol End. Each area has its own unique character, creating an electric atmosphere throughout the stadium.

Ticket Prices and How to Get Them

Attending a Bath City match is an affordable and enjoyable experience. For the 2023-2024 campaign, here are the ticket prices:

  • Adult: £16
  • Concession: £13
  • Students / Under 18s: £8
  • Under 16s: £3

Save £1 by purchasing tickets online in advance, although buying them at the gate is also an option. To secure your spot at a Bath City match, visit the club’s user-friendly website or head to the stadium’s entrance on the day.

Getting to Twerton Park: Travel Tips

Twerton Park is conveniently located in Bath, making it easily accessible via different modes of transport:

  • Train: Bath Spa Railway Station is approximately ten minutes away by car. Alternatively, a 40-minute walk or a taxi ride can bring you to the stadium.
  • Bus: The Number 5 bus runs from the city center to a stop near the stadium every 10 minutes, providing a convenient public transport option.
  • Car: Reach Bath via the M4 and take either Junction 18 or Junction 19. Once in the city center, follow the signs to Twerton Park. Please note that Bath operates a Clean Air Zone, which may entail charges for certain vehicles driving through the center.
  • Air: If traveling from afar, fly into Bristol International Airport and take a direct bus service to Bath city center.
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Parking Near Twerton Park

Twerton Park has a car park with a capacity of approximately 150 vehicles. However, spaces are limited and available on a first-come, first-served basis. It is advisable to explore parking options in the city center or adhere to the usual parking regulations on the roads surrounding the stadium.


Q: Where can I find available parking near Twerton Park?
A: You can find available parking options near Twerton Park by using services like Just Park or seeking parking areas in the city center.


Twerton Park is an integral part of Bath’s sporting heritage, providing a vibrant hub for fans to come together and support Bath City Football Club. Whether you’re a local resident or a visitor to the area, experiencing the electric atmosphere at Twerton Park is a must. Join us as we cheer on Bath City and create lasting memories in this historic stadium.

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